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Modern Web Design Trends for Portfolio Websites

Updated on January 18, 2017
Designing portfolio websites takes much time and experience
Designing portfolio websites takes much time and experience

Working as a web designer is challenging and responsible. This is because you have to be aware of the current web design trends, which change almost every year. Actually, this is not surprising, because the advancement of the web design niche triggers the need to develop websites, which will be both functional and appealing. This concerns all types of sites, including portfolio websites, which frequently have to stand out from the crowd demonstrating the talents and skills of their owners. Let’s have a look at the contemporary and popular web design trends for portfolio websites.

1. Single-Page Portfolios

If you think that a single-page website may be considered an indicator of your inability to work hard when creating your projects, you are really mistaken. There are plenty of sites consisting of one page only, which can tell much more about you than multipage websites. At the same time, single-page websites ensure smooth, convenient and fast web browsing experience. This is exactly what many users lack nowadays. That is why, portfolio websites of this type are going to hit the market in the nearest future.

Modern web design trends change quickly
Modern web design trends change quickly

2. Available Project Samples

Providing the sufficient amount of high quality samples of your projects is a must for any portfolio website owner. Actually, this is what the site is meant for. When designing your portfolio, take your time to upload as many samples of your works as possible. Make sure all of them are accessible at the site and come with an interlinking feature that makes navigation convenient and time-saving. This feature is mainly applicable to portfolio websites and it’s going to remain popular for a long time.

3. Dynamic Sliders

When it comes to designing portfolio websites, integration of dynamic sliders is essential. They make it possible for your potential customers to have a quick look at what you have to offer them. The samples of your projects displayed by means of using an interactive content slider (like a rotating carousel, for example) will certainly drive the attention of users, especially if they are interested in your works.

4. Large Character Images

Do you intend to capture the attention of your target audience? If so, then don’t overlook a possibility to use large character images at your website. These images can be represented by any samples of your works displayed as background videos, photo sliders, full-width headers and even your own photos. Your imagination is unlimited here, but take your time to consider the specialization of your business to choose the right approach.

Awareness of web design trends results in the creation of functional and appealing portfolio websites
Awareness of web design trends results in the creation of functional and appealing portfolio websites

5. Clear and Large Typography

This web design trend will come in handy to those artists, whose portfolios are not rich in content yet. If you face such a problem, then there is a nice solution to it. By adding the text to your website pages, you will give your portfolio an appealing and trustworthy look. Make sure to pick the right font and make it clear, readable and large. The choice, however, should be based upon the way the content is displayed at the pages. If there are lots of images that have to fit into limited spaces, then it’s better to give preference to small fonts. Large fonts, in their turn, have to be placed in the center of a page to focus the attention of users on the message you wish to convey.

The trends mentioned above offer a steady and powerful framework of approaches and techniques you can use when developing your own portfolio websites. Good luck!


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