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MonkeyParking, App That Allows Users To Sell Their Parking Spaces, Could End Up Being Banned In Los Angeles

Updated on January 19, 2015

Before we get into the whole thing between Los Angeles and MonkeyParking, we'll quickly go over what it is and how it works. With that said, continue reading for more info on MonkeyParking and the recent issues between it and Los Angeles. So, continue to read on to find out more info about this app that allows people to sell parking spaces, as well as the issues (facing possible ban in LA) that is currently going on between Los Angeles and MonkeyParking.

What Is MonkeyParking

There seems to be an app for everything, even some of the most oddest things, so this may not be a huge surprise to some of you. There is an app that lets people use it to sell their parking spaces. That app is called MonkeyParking, and it's not the only app that allows people to sell their parking spaces for a little bit of profit, but they could very well be one of the most popular apps of its kind.

How Does MonkeyParking Work
The way it works and its concept is simple, you download it, regardless of whether you want to look for parking spaces for sale, or if you want to make money selling your parking space (your driveway). As of now, it's $10 to park, and the seller pockets $8 of the $10. It's as simple as that!

And now let's move onto what's going on between MonkeyParking and Los Angeles.

MonkeyParking Might Be Banned In Los Angeles

Long story short, MonkeyParking and apps like it, could soon not be allowed to operate in the city of Los Angeles. That's if some city councilors get their way, as they are wanting to pass legislation that would ban the app from engaging in business in Los Angeles. This comes after the company ran into issues over in San Francisco, which is actually where the app is based out of.

Not only did the app ran into issues in San Fran, but also in Santa Monica, where it was banned. The city's attorney has already been instructed by the council in Los Angeles to draft up an ordinance that would prohibit selling parking spaces, as well as other public spaces, without permission from the city. If people decide to just do it regardless of the ban, they could end up potentially spending 6 months behind bars or end up being hit with a monetary fine.

As for how much users of the app will pay for a parking space, that is $5, $10, $15 and $20.

Our Potential Issue With MonkeyParking

However, we may have an issue with this. As of now, the app's description says it allows those who own driveways to sell parking on it (their driveway). Our potential issue comes into play if MonkeyParking allows people to just park in a public parking space, such as a prime spot in downtown Los Angeles, and then selling it for $20, when the spot is actually free or less than that. You get the drift. The reason why we say that is because some articles make it seem like that is what MonkeyParking is doing or has done. We say has done, because for all we know, MonkeyParking changed their app description when cities started telling them they couldn't allow its users to sell public parking spots.

Think about it, if there was a really busy restaurant and you got excellent parking, which was free. Should you be able to log on an app and then 'sell' that spot to someone else who reserved it from you for $20? No, of course you shouldn't because it's just not right. We agree with what some of the city councilors in Los Angeles are doing and if MonkeyParking allows users to sell public parking spaces, then they should be banned, but that is out personal opinion.

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