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MoonShell2, a multimedia loader app for the Nintendo DS, a better alternative to moonshell

Updated on June 4, 2012

Moonshell 2 is way better than Moonshell 1

Remember when you would play a music file and browse through your files at the same time? Remember when you would use the D-pad to navigate through your files and your music stopping in between? Or when you would go to view an image and your music would stop completely? ...Have you ever wondered if there was a better version of Moonshell? Maybe there is... Of course there is. This amazing improvement allows you to listen to music while viewing a text file, or a photo, without a major pause. You can browse through your files without music pauses... You have a full bottom screen panel for controls for your video, a MP3 control panel (As shown on image 4), and so much more!

Wait, what is MoonShell?

MoonShell is a multimedia viewing app for the Nintendo DS. However, you need a flash cart to run this amazing app. I recommend the R4DS, or the M3 Simply. (I got my R4DS from PriceAngels. Yes, it was a fake, but it works well with all the encrypted kernels, but I am using the Wood R4 kernel... just 'cause.)

Where do I download MoonShell2?

I downloaded my copy at I got the following:

How do I install the above package?

It is very simple. Extract the files, and in the extracted files, drag "moonshl2" (folder) and the three other files to the root of your card. You may have troubles with moonshl2_DirectLoader.nds. This is normal. This is why there is an alternative loader, so be sure to drag that file on to your card too!

What is different?

The UI is more user friendly, you navigate through your card with the touch screen (Very convenient), it has a screen saver, and a text editor... And a voice recorder... It can launch most .nds files, heck, I wouldn't be surprised if this came out as a firmware! ...That would be actually pretty nice...


To all the readers, I recommend switching to MoonShell2, or to those who don't even have MoonShell, I recommend trying it out! ...MoonShell2 of course... Thanks for reading.


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