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10 Ways To Get More Friends In Your Facebook Account

Updated on May 2, 2011

There is nothing good in this world if you do not start anything with proper intention. Not only this, investment of time and labor is also required. Then you can expect something to knock itself to your door without even asking them to do so. I have a good number of Facebook Friends (Not Willing to share the number). Nowadays, many people often ask me how I managed to reach the number?

Actually, there is nothing SECRET or HIDDEN matters about this. If you think about the ways yourself and try them out then everything will be clear to you. Anyway, I won't enlarge my intro any more, rather I should speak out about the steps which I took to reach my good number of friends there on Facebook.

You ask yourself these questions...

  • After doing which activities you received more Friend Requests?
  • The persons who have many friends, what do they do often?
  • Why need the friends, and how to utilize them? etc...etc...

In this hub, we'll try to find out the answers of the questions and also try to figure out some new ideas which can give us some instant popularity. Before, just trying to get many friends, first think why you need them. Most probably, for promoting your business, writings, piece of composition, doing some affiliate marketing, making some extra money from facebook etc. Now, try to see in your imagination how you're going to promote your works to your friends and what kind of feedback you may receive from them. If you can think about these matters and also find out the SIGNIFICANCE and WHY many friends are necessary, then it would be definitely a lot easier for you to go for immediate action with your hard attempt.

This Hub is mainly produced to help you think about new techniques about how to new people in your friends' list. And tell you how to fix them in a chronological steps with some links.

More Friend On Facebook
More Friend On Facebook
Facebook Friends
Facebook Friends

The Steps I Followed To Gain The Friend Amount

So, these are the points below following which you may get friends at your desired number. There may be some more, but I post here some easy and quick ones.

1. Don't be Over-Promotional

Don't try to over promote anything to your friends. They'll feel disturbed, and certainly block you

Let me describe the statement to you. If any of your friends come to your profile and post about their products in your wall, surely you'll delete them. But as soon as they do it more frequently, then you will do nothing but unfriend them or even block for special cases. So, this also happens to others. Try to understand the sentiments of individual people and offer themĀ  your products once a month giving breaks. Hide it under words. That means do not reveal that you're promoting something. Tell them you've bought it, used it and became satisfied, so they can think about your product.

Show up yourself in such a way that you're not a marketer rather a real man, and that's what people want to make friend with. Tell about where you visited in this Summer, what you took as a lunch yesterday - so that people get interested in you.

Give some cool photographs of yours and act that you're really a social man who likes to connect with new friends and discover them. This is the actual key to succeed. Do less spam, give quality, latest info on a product. As a result, people themselves will be interested to check the links out.

There's no wrong if you put your Blog Address in your About Me box under your profile picture. You can write there about the new features or offers from your business company so that the loyal friends who are interested in you can get notified about your creations.

2. Don't Be Repetative

Suppose, you have a new product launch. You're thinking out new ideas to promote it. In natural cases people in your position visits all the groups & fan pages, and write about it. But if you give it the same text or dress up it in the same style for all promtions, then you're going to undergo with different problems.

People who'll come to visit your profile will see around fifteen posts on the topic which they do not love. If they visit the groups, then they'll (where you've written the same thing) also find the same annoying text. And that's the moment when you'll get banned from his list! So, try to minimize the repetation. Rather, I suggest you to look for different kinds of formats to promote your newly launched products.

This won't annoy anybody around you rather they will be checking out the products, if you can make it attractive and tasteful.

3. Introduce More Connectivity

When you'll find that people are commenting or reacting for any kinds of activities that you do, then immediately start a huge conversation with them because people just loves to do interact with other guys with the same interest. Then there's a chance of getting a Friend Request from him. But if you find out that he's not sending it - then you send it. Still, he is going to be a loyal friend. And, in the long run he'll atleast try to support you in your marketing. So, this is a plus point for you.

Ask them questions who are really wanting to do some interaction, solve their problems, link to some valubale sites. As a result, you will evantually have a relationship of trust. And remember trust always converts into sales.

4. Start A Fan Page

In most cases Fan Pages tend to act better than your Profile. So, try to do the promotion through your Fan Page without involving yourself with the personal account. Yet, if you need some more FRIENDS then your present fans can be converted as friends, if you act wisely.

Your fans can easily find out through the Pages you if you're the sole administrator of the them. If your fan page is on a focused topic. Then your fans there will have the same interest as you have. So, if they later be your friend then you get another person to promote your that specified product on the similar topic.Therefore, Fans convert to valuable friends.

Note: If you do not know how to create a Facebook Fan Pages, then Click Here.

5. Ask people to Join Facebook

You have to undergo with some easy jobs in this step. And these surely work. To make it clear, I can take an example for better understanding.

Perhaps, Sam has many friends in his college but many of them are not using Facebook. Many of his relatives also never think about joining here. So, in this case Sam can ask them individually or send them automatic Invitation message from Facebook writing some good features of the site. (Through, your email contact list, its an easy job to do). And surely, if they join Facebook, they will make you their first friend, Does it sound logical? I think it does.

6. Go For New Groups

I like to join groups standing on the topics I love. May be, this gifts me with two or three Friend Requests every day. Groups are really like Communities where people gets united to learn something new and talk with each other. And I believe , enganging yourself with the groups can reward you with hundreds of new friends monthly.

There are some tips to select the perfect groups to join. In this case, I always suggest you to join those groups which has more members, looks more active, and always being updates. There, you can easily speak up new things and expect for other people's reactions. You get the chance to get aquainted about new people, how do they do different things to make their life cheering. You can get some cool people to who are worth of getting friends.

Now, show off yourself. Give advice for free, and everything will work like magic in seconds. People will check out your profile and beg to be your friends. (May be my language here looked a bit poor, but it really does).

7. Run an event

It can give you huge comments and interaction with people. If you run an even you can get a chance to invite all your friends. And as a result, their friends will be notified. So more exposure and more conversions.

8. Give People The Benefit of Being Your Friend

If you are there to make some extra money following different methods, no problem with that. But as soon as people will find you over marketing, they will just ignore you. I've said it a lot of times. Now, I'll tell you something different.

First, imagine why people are usiing the Social Networks? Ofcourse, for carrying out social activities. Isn't it? Now, if you can give them some amusement, some fun or some important stuffs people would be ever grateful for you.Who knows, may be they'll be suggesting their friends to be your friend! Nobody will check out whether your new sprocket has more range of speed (motion) than the Russsian Olympic Gymnastic Team or not. They'll be just searching for people who are worth of being friend. So, I tell you to clarify all the over-promotional stuffs you've in your wall now.

9. The Things Which You Should Do To Keep The Old Friends With You

  1. Comment their picture. Say, glorious.
  2. Tell them cool, but to do not spam it.
  3. Leave wise comments on their status.
  4. Keep some interaction witih them, but don't over do it. If you do, then they may think you a cheap guy! (Just Kidding, but it's true).

10. Wise Friend Requests

If you are sending request to a man in the group (of which you are a member), then send them a cover message. Tell,

'we are the members of same 'X' Group. And I like your activities there. It would be highly appreciable if you take me as your friend. As a result we will be able to do more activities regarding 'X' matters.'

By, this you will have more chance to be accepted by that person.


There are also some other steps but I found these ten to be the most working. If you have some more ideas in your mind or have a story to share regarding this topic, please feel free to say it below.

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