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How To Get MORE Views On YouTube Using Google Plus

Updated on October 13, 2016

Who Am I?

Hello content creators all over the internet! I go by the username Fl1pz and before we get started on my tips to get more views on your YouTube videos, I am going to first talk about myself. I am also a YouTuber and I have been through lots of experiences with YouTube. I love creating content for my viewers and will continue to do so.

Other than doing YouTube, I enjoy playing video games like League Of Legends for example. Additionally, other than creating YouTube content and playing games, I adore reading and writing. I honestly have no clue why I love reading and writing so much, but I do. So because of these two passions I decided to also create a HubPages account to write out many Hubs to help out other people.

My HubPages is mainly about HubPages gaming so if you are a gamer, maybe you could check out my other Hubs out. Putting that aside, now that you know some facts about me, we can start with my guide on how to get more views on your YouTube videos. Not only will these tips gain you more viewers, but also more subscribers and likes if people enjoy your content. If you are interested, you can check out my "Effectively Promote Your YouTube Vidoes" guide after reading this one. Thank you and we can now begin.

What Is Google Plus?

If you are a YouTuber, yet do not know anything about Google Plus, please read this Hub thoroughly. Since Google Plus is connected to your YouTube channel, it is very important to know how it works. Google Plus is basically a social networking website created by Google and is actually really popular.

You are able to create groups, communities, post whatever to the public and is also a very effective way to promote your YouTube channel / YouTube videos. Not to mention that all of their features are all free to use. Now that you know what Google Plus is, we can get onto how to use Google Plus to gain more viewers.


The first and most important thing to do before promoting your YouTube content is to set up your profile. Make sure your Profile Image and Background Image are very attractive and nice so people online would think you are not an amateur.

Moving along, after finishing up setting your Profile Image and Background Image, go set up your About information. Under "Sites," make sure you enter your YouTube Channel Facebook or Twitter page so your viewers will easily have access to them.

Google Plus Communities

The feature in Google Plus that is going to be our main traffic source will be Google Plus Communities. A Google Plus Community is basically a community centered around a topic. These Google Plus Communities are all created by Google Plus members and you can also create one if you want.

What is so good about these Google Plus Communities is that you are able to post inside it upon joining. You can join an unlimited amount of communities, which is really cool. Since you are able to post inside these communities, why not just share your YouTube videos, right? This will get you so much views depending on how attractive your YouTube video thumbnail and your post text is though. So, always make sure you atleast type one paragraph when posting a YouTube video.

Moreover, join the appropriate Google Plus Communities so you do not get punished. You obviously want to join communities about YouTube and YouTubers. Also, please read the rules of every community you join before posting so you do not get banned or flagged. You definitely do not want to get banned from a community because who knows if that community will blow up all of a sudden? Then you will be missing out on lots of traffic.


Now, please be very careful on how many times you post at the same time. If you do this, your posts will be flagged as spam and people will not be able to see your content. You do not want to lose potential subscribers. Although many people ask Google about how their Spam system works, they obviously would not answer so people will not try anything funny.

Through my experience I highly suggest you to only post three times to communities, only every two hours. Then after two hours, post three more times. Unfortunately, doing this will take you a long time but it is to stay on the safe side of things. In addition to having a two hour break between every three posts, you will also want to include different paragraphs with each post. Having the same post or having too little information for every post, will also trigger Google's Spam System or whatever you want to call it.

Furthermore, if you are recognized as a spammer by the spam filters, your posts will have a really high chance of getting flagged as spam. Make sure to change how you post your YouTube videos and maybe try making the gap between posts even bigger. Try having only two posts every 3 hours or something similar. If you continue to be recognized as a spammer by Google, your account may be suspended or revoke. That would really suck for you, as you would lose many opportunities to gain more traffic for your YouTube videos. You can read this for more in-depth information about spamming and how to avoid it.


These are the requirements I always try to meet before posting in a Google Plus Community to avoid getting it flagged and to also gain lots of attention. You do not have to do exactly what I do, but I highly suggest you follow me. You can also change it a little bit to your liking if you wish.

  • A well written paragraph talking about the YouTube video
  • It has been about two hours since last three posts
  • Sentences include encouragement to subscribe and like
  • Thumbnail is attractive
  • Adding a very nice message as the last sentence (e.g. "Have a great day!")


Congratulations, you have finished reading my guide on "How To Get More Views On YouTube Using Google Plus!" If you want to look at my other guide that will also definitely help you gain more traffic for your YouTube videos, go ahead and read now. If not, I hope you give it a chance another time in the near future. Also, thank you for giving me and my Hub a chance. I hope you have a wonderful day and continue to grow your YouTube channel!

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