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Most used search engines

Updated on October 1, 2014

There are hundreds of search engines out there. Search engines are the tools that we use when researching documents, gathering information, writing reports or just plain old homework. It is because these engines prioritise needed information that we don't have to spend hours looking through old or outdated information. If you want to find the website that interest you most a search engine will not only locate it for you but send you there.The most relevant information is placed at the beginning of the page. Search engines are updated daily so you can be guaranteed the most up to date information. But know that all engines are not created equal which is the reason for this report.

Vannevar Bush
Vannevar Bush
Gerard Salton
Gerard Salton
Ted Nelson
Ted Nelson


Vannevar Bush was an American scientist and engineer who is credited for his involvement with the development of the atomic bomb and his predictions about memex. Memex is a name given by Bush In 1945 that was to be used for storing information for easy retrieval. He encouraged scientist to work together to build this body of knowledge for all mankind.

Gerard Salton is called the father of modern technology.He was a professor of computer science while at Cornell University.He and his team at Harvard and Cornell developed the SMART information system for retrieving information.

Ted Nelson created the Project Xanadu in 1960.The phrase hypertext [text which contain links to other text] was coined by him in 1963. Although Project Xanadu [which was the first hypertext project] failed, WWW [world wide web] was inspired and drawn from his work.

Alan Emtage
Alan Emtage
Tim Berners-Lee
Tim Berners-Lee

Archie the first pre-web Internet search engine was created in 1990 by a McGill University student named Alan Emtage. Shortly after that in 1993 hundreds of web sites began. Most of them were at colleges. Just as one good step deserves another technology advanced with the help of many others. No longer was file transfer the only way that people shared data.

Tim Berners-Lee took what his forerunners had accomplished and added his expertise.The world wide web had given birth and the first web browser came to be.

10 Most Used Search Engines makes the claim of being easier to read in comparison to Google,Yahoo! or Bing.

DuckDuckGo offers prompts to clarify the question that you are really asking.There are less spam ads than Google.

Bing is said to be microsoft's attempt at dethroning Google.It was originally An MSN search engine before it's update in 2009.

The Internet Archive is used more as a step back in time. It allows you to see what a web page looked like in the 90s....or world news from the past. You won't be using this site as often as you would the more popular search engines but you may consider it when you want to step back in time.

Yippy used to be named 'Clusty' and is a deep search engine. It searches other search engines. If you have a web page that is hard to locate then Yippy is your engine.From government information to hard to find news, this is the site for you.

Yahoo! is a collection of things. It's a search engine, shopping center, travel directory, email box, gaming center....It is the easiest site for the Internet beginner.

Mahalo is human powered, while you may get fewer hits than other engines the content quality claims to be higher.

Dogpile preceded Google but later faded. Dogpile is on a come back.

Webopedia is an encyclopedic search engine. Dedicated to searching technical terminology and computer definitions.

Google is considered king, it is not only fast but also offers the largest catalogue of web pages available today.


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