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Most Unusual Apps: the Weird Top 10

Updated on February 15, 2016

Most Unusual Apps: the Weird Top 10

Warning! This post is about the most unusual and weird mobile applications EVER! So here’s a word of advice for you: don’t take it too seriously and… try to enjoy it.

In a world where prices for custom app development start from $ 10 thousand, you can hardly expect someone to waste time and money on silly apps – unless he’s an experienced developer who wants to do something different for a change.

However, both the App Store and Google Play offer a variety of hidden app gems which were created for fun (personally, I don’t think you can get rich with THESE, although the Places I’ve Pooped app description says it has over a million users, and that’s pretty good for a freemium).

Top 10 Strange Apps

  • Places I’ve Pooped. Yeah, I mean it. You can mark all the places you’ve let “bombs away” and share your achievements with friends. It’s like a brand-new social network really. And it’s not just about the poop; if you think of it as your personal travel journal, the idea starts to make sense;
  • Spirit Story Box: Ghost Hunting Tool. You might be rolling on the floor laughing, but 45% of Americans do believe in ghosts (at least that’s what the Huffington Post poll says). If you’re haunted by a family ghost and have an iPhone, you can download the $ 0.99 Spirit Story Box app and find out what the unrested soul wants to tell you. Spooky, eh?
  • Drunk Dial No! You couldn’t recall a single thing last night? Check your phone. You called your ex, right? The good news is we all do that (once in a while). You’ve humiliated yourself – big deal! But if the drunk call problem really troubles you, consider buying the Drunk Dial No! application. The program blocks you from texting/calling/emailing the people who shouldn’t get in contact with when you’re in…well, high spirits;
  • Haircaster. Looking good & feeling good – isn’t it something every girl dreams of? Whether you’re going on a date or having an important meeting with the boss, you gotta make sure your hair is perfect. With the Haircaster app, nothing is easier. The handy application analyzes weather conditions in real time and says what kind of hair day you’re going to have. Although the app is pretty useful, I can’t help but label it as “weird”;
  • Demotivational Pics. I love demotivators. I mean, if my day isn’t exactly going the way I’ve planned it, a good old silly picture always makes me feel a little better. The Demotivational Pics app offers a wide range of crazy and sometimes offensive photos with funny captures. You can download it on the App Store for free;
  • Amazing Girlfriend Manager. If you think monogamy is so 1950 and wish you had a CRM for all your lovers, this app is what you need. The software keeps track of all the gifts you gave and received, remembers important dates and knows how much you spend on each girlfriend;
  • Bristlr. I actually thought it was a joke, but it isn’t. If you have a beard and want to find a partner who loves hairy faces, go to the official Bristlr website and download the application. Basically, it is Tinder for beards. Strange. But extremely useful;
  • Watching Cute Girl. For all the guys with low self-esteem & no time to hang out with a real chick, there’s an anime-looking Japanese girl who watches you non-stop and occasionally delivers pre-recorded messages. Sounds lonely. And extremely weird;
  • RIP VIP: Death Alert App. Finally, it’s time for the most unusual mobile application of all times. Wanna be the first to know a media person you like has passed away? Buy the RIP VIP app, read the celebrity death deadlines from around the world and share the sad news with your friends. Although the application is certainly weird, it’ll teach you to treat death as a natural part of human life;
  • BedRabbit. It’s a common knowledge people often lie about their sex life. If you really want to know how good you are in bed, you can spend $ 2.99 and download the BedRabbit application. The soft evaluates your sex performance according to 10 criteria (with diversity, intensity and rhythm among them). If you’re not ashamed of your score, you can email the results to your friend.

Honorable mention

  • iHobo. It is similar to virtual pet apps, although this time you won’t look after a cute 2D puppy. Instead, you’ll be taking care of a homeless teen who disturbs you at any time and asks for help. Provided you are a responsible hobo owner, the boy will turn his life around. The app has a very powerful social message.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my weird apps list! If you’d ever come across strange mobile applications I forgot to mention, feel free to comment on the post and provide the links! Your feedback is very welcome!

iHobo App

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