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The Most Powerful Flashlight In The World – The Torch

Updated on August 15, 2009

Yes, this is the most powerful flashlight you will find on this planet and is presently being reviewed by The Guinness Book of World Records for its brightness. This gadget is named “The Torch” and is made by a company called Wicked Lasers. Maglite is a famous flashlight manufacturing company but even its LED torches do not come anywhere close, in brightness, to this monster. Many of the flashlights come close to 100 lumens in brightness, and the 100 watt bulb in your house gives 1,200 lumens, but The Torch has an amazing 4,100 lumens!!!

The beam of The Torch flashlight is so powerful that you can easily start a fire in a few seconds, when you aim its beam on paper or any other inflammable dry material. This brings into question the practicality of this gadget and how safe is it, to use. As for any powerful gadget, you must use your discretion in using it, as you can unwittingly cause a fire or seriously injure someone's eyes.

The following video illustrates the power of the beam, by placing a vessel on the flashlight, to cook scrambled eggs.

So if you are looking for raw power in a hand held flashlight, The Torch will not disappoint. Due to its power and the intense heat that it generates; this flashlight has a special glass lens that is heat resistant, and will not shatter under the extreme temperature. The body is made of aluminium which is of a sturdy military grade. The Torch has a 100 watts halogen bulb, powered by a high voltage rechargeable battery. Due to the intense power requirement of generating 4,100 lumens, the battery will last for only 10 to 15 minutes. The life of the bulb is expected to be around 2000 hours and as mentioned earlier this is a gadget for people with specific requirements and not an everyday flashlight.

The Torch flashlight costs $300, and comes with a rechargeable battery and charger. Although an awesome product this flashlight has still some room for improvement. Firstly the life of the battery on a full charge should be much more than 15 minutes, and secondly the recharging mechanism should be able to shut down automatically once it has fully charged. An important feature that can be added, is a mechanism to control the intensity of the brightness, to a level that is required by the user.


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