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Moto G: The Best Budget Android Phone

Updated on June 14, 2014

Motorola was a loss making entity until a couple of years back, when Google took over the company. Things have changed ever since. After that Motorola came out with the Moto X, which became a favorite among the Android enthusiasts overnight and if that wasn't enough Motorola launched another marvel of an Android phone, the Moto G. While Moto G is not much to look at, it definitely has started a price war among the Android makers because of its pricing strategy.

The Moto G is way ahead of phones in its price bracket in terms of specifications and is priced considerably below the phones that come close to its specifications. No wonder it has become so popular in such a short period of time.

Let's take a closer look at the phone to understand how and why it has created so much buzz in the market.


Moto G: Specifications

The Moto G offers a 1.2 GHz Quad Core mated to a Qualcomm snapdragon 400 and 1 GB of RAM, which is not really top of the line but certainly packs a punch. It comes in 8 and 16 GB internal memory options and has a 5 Mega Pixels primary camera and a 1.3 Mega Pixels secondary or front camera.

The specifications are not exactly premium yet are good enough to enjoy your games or handling multi-tasking and for day to day functionality and usage. Considering the price that Moto G is being offered at, it is perhaps the best deal available today in the market.

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Moto G: Design

The body of the Moto G is all plastic with a curved back. The Moto G is not trying to be the slimmest or lightest android phone in its category and is significantly thicker at 11.6 mm and weighs around143 g. Clearly the focus is on functionality rather than aesthetics but in no way does it mean, it is an outcast in terms of aesthetics and still looks better than a lot of other sub $200 phones.

The left side of the Moto G does not have any buttons and both the power/lock key and the volume up/down keys are placed on the right side. The top of the phone features the 3.5 mm jack while the micro USB port sits pretty at the bottom. The micro SIM card slot is under the removable back cover, but there is no micro SD card slot, meaning the phone does not offer expandable memory, which might break some hearts. The battery is not user removable, but the water resistance more than makes up for it.

The 4.5 inch screen makes it easy to use with just one hand. The back cover is removable and offers customization through an array of different colored body shells available in the market. The only concern is that the back case is a fingerprint magnet which can be irritating at times. More or less it is a simple yet elegant looking handset and should appeal to the target audience. However, it definitely is a value for money preposition and a win win deal for the end user.

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Moto G: Battery

The Moto G comes with a 2070 mAh battery, which has enough juice to last more than one day with a moderate usage. Even if you are a heavy user, it should last one day comfortably, on a single charge. However, no matter how much bulk you add to the battery, Android enthusiasts would still be asking for more. Still Google has managed to give it enough juice at such a low budget and has not compromised on the battery, because of the low price tag.


Moto G: Display

The Moto G has a 4.5 inches IPS LCD display with 720x1280 pixels and 326 ppi pixel density. Nothing fancy but when you take into account that the Moto G is a very reasonably priced handset, the same specifications sound pretty good and a good value for money.The screen size is not too big to handle and yet is sufficient to enjoy your videos and e-books. It may not be the most premium display out there but is definitely among the most balanced contemporary displays and hold its own.


Moto G: Camera

The Moto G has a 5 Mega Pixels primary camera and a 1.3 Mega Pixels secondary camera for video chats. The Camera is perhaps the odd man out among the other hardware specifications and looks kind of out of place because all the other specifications are pretty high end, while the 5 Mega Pixels camera is at best, decent. However, the real let down is the out of box camera app, which fails to inspire the photographer in you. There are not too many tweaks and options provided it takes a long time to focus. However, Google was working on a tight budget and it got to show somewhere and it really shows in the camera department.

Do not be disheartened though, it is not as bad as it sounds. It still managed to do a decent job, but is not for you if you are a photography enthusiast at heart and are want your phone camera to be an alternative to your digital camera. Besides, Google has updated the camera app since the launch and done away with most of the shortcomings. So the camera works just fine after the software update.


Moto G: Interface & Operating System

When it comes to the Interface and OS, the Moto G has the latest version of Android, the Kitkat 4.4.2, with minor tweaks by Motorola. It indeed is a pure joy to use, with no time lag between commands. The fluid interface combined with the superb specifications will definitely get the users hooked.

In fact the performance of Moto G is at par with the high end flagships and runs games, live wallpapers etc. effortlessly. The best part is, unlike some heavyweights, it does not heat up so fast and handles multi tasking well.


The Moto G may not really have the specifications to rub shoulders with Android Flagships from heavyweights like Samsung, HTC and Sony, but still has the charm and substance to give sleepless nights to other Android makers and peace of mind to potential buyers. Besides, the price at which it is available makes it the best budget Android Smartphone in the market today hands down. However, since Motorola is now owned by Lenovo, people have their own apprehensions about the future of Moto G and the latest Android updates.

Although, the Moto G is not really a flagship material but its features along with the price tag attached to it, more than justifies the hype surrounding it and also explains the buzz it is creating in the market. Motorola has got the formula right with the Moto X and Moto G, under the able guidance of Google and is firmly poised to recover the ground it lost during the last few year.


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    • androidfan profile image

      Rajesh Bhuin 2 years ago from India

      Good and informative hub. My brother is a proud owner of a Moto G.