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Motorola Moto G

Updated on May 6, 2015

This article is a review of Motorola's Moto G, one of the best android phones in it's price range. I'm using this phone about 18 months now and very happy about it. When I got it, the current android version was Jelly Bean, but the KitKat update came a few months later. Motorola is always quick to offer its customers the new android updates. That seemed like a good thing, until lollipop came along. My Moto G has become pretty useless because of this. I'll tell you more about this further down the road.

The Moto G is a very versatile smartphone. My expectations were high, and Motorola lived up to my expectations. I did a lot of research prior to buying it, because that's what I do before I buy expensive stuff. I must confess that the fact that Motorola is working with Google is a serious plus. If the Nexus wouldn't have been so expensive, I'd probably have bought that one. But since I have to keep a budget in mind, I had to look in a different prince range.


The Motorola Moto G 16GB doesn't have an extra SD card slot, so 16GB is all you get, unless you buy the 8GB model. In my opinion, 8GB can never be enough. I like to have some music, apps, pictures and … useless stuff mostly. The 16GB is sufficient for me. I also use some cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive.

My personal rate

4 stars for Motorola Moto G

Music playing works perfectly. Although the speakers aren't that wonderful. Most of the times I listen to music with my headphones. When playing music through the phone speakers, the maximum volume isn't that loud, but I wouldn't want it to be louder for quality reasons.

I wasn't really impressed by the photography quality of this smartphone. You can take a picture, all right. But the quality of the image isn't all that. I had a Sony Ericsson before, which had a very good built-in lens. The Moto G doesn't have that. In broad daylight, photo's will look good. As soon as it gets a little dark, it's impossible to take a good shot.

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Those are the only downsides about this smartphone. The rest is all good! The Moto G is fast, good at multitasking and very responsive. I'm actually very glad I selected this phone and I think I made a good choice after reading hundreds of reviews and user reports. I have never experienced any crashes or malfunction until the latest Android upgrade.

About a month ago I received an invitation to upgrade my Android version. Without further thinking I just tapped: “OK”. So my phone was upgraded to a worse OS. All of a sudden my phone was slow, battery life was terrible and apps refused to open or close. And ofcourse, when you need to do something quickly, the phone refuses all commands and I feel like throwing the thing out of the window. I read that it's impossible to revert to a previous OS. Maybe it is possible to do this if your phone is rooted.

The other option to get my splendid phone back is a factory reset. This means I'll loose all my apps and other stuff. I'm still considering if I will do the factory reset or not.

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