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Motorola RAZR D1 review (dual sim smartphone Android)

Updated on March 4, 2014

Motorola RAZR D1 review (dual sim smartphone Android)

Historically, low cost Android smartphones are not good buys, in part because of their slowness and blocking: even with Google´s efforts, Android still struggles to run on modest hardwares, unlike Windows Phone, that exudes fluidity. So, is RAZR D1 a good cheap Android? This is what we will try to find out in the next paragraphs.

Pros and Cons


  • Excellent battery life, good performance for a low cost Android and its camera takes good pictures.


  • Low resolution screen.


Motorola RAZR D1 follows the design characteristics of other RAZR family smartphones. Front speaker is under the Motorola symbol, to save space. There are no exposed screws, the screen is surrounded by a sturdy frame and the back has a nice touch texture. But it´s clear that Motorola had to make some modifications to deliver a cheap device.

Front buttons are very similar to the native Android virtual buttons, but they are not displayed in the screen. They are within the device´s skeleton and they light up when the device is connected. There are 3 buttons: back, home and multitasking. Is anything missing? Yes, it is: there is no options button, which can cause awkwardness for those using older applications that still require its use.

But this is not a problem. You just have to keep pressing the multitasking button for one or two seconds and options menu will appear.

Device´s back cover doesn´t have Kevlar completion, but a plastic texture that helps to avoid it from slipping. You just have to remove it to gain access to its 1,785 mAh large battery. Under the battery, there is a microSD card input, which is a good complement to the 4 GB of storage, and two slots for the mobile operators chips.

Like other dual SIM devices, the first slot is for the SIM card that supports 3G and EDGE connections, so that's where you should place the best data plan chip. On the other slot, you can access 2G network only. In system settings, you can choose which of the chips will be used to access the data network.

There are not many refinements in RAZR D1. It features a useful notifications LED, proximity sensor, a little mirror on the rear camera and nothing else. There is no front camera, which is understandable for a low cost smartphone.


In the 1080p smartphones screens era, like Galaxy S4, it´s obvious that the 3.5 inches TFT LCD of RAZR D1 is far from good. With a resolution of only 320 × 480 pixels and 165 ppi setting, it´s very easy to see individual pixels and jagged sources. Text reading is not a very pleasant task, the viewing angle is very limited and viewing in the sunlight is not the best.

However, it´s unfair to compare RAZR D1 screen with Galaxy S4 screen, as I did in the previous paragraph. Motorola just followed industry standards: RAZR D1 screen offers nothing more nothing less than other Android smartphones in the same price range.


Continuing Motorola RAZR D1 review, I will now talk about its camera, which takes good pictures in ideal lighting conditions. Of course, the level of detail is not very good and the colors may not please everyone: in some photos, I had the impression that the images are more bluish than normal, at least in the automatic mode. However, this is a pretty decent camera for a low cost smartphone, which should not disappoint buyers.

In low light environments, photo quality is not good, despite its illuminated sensor, same as more expensive smartphones. The high presence of noise and granulation as well as the lack of a flash, spoils night photographs.

In video recording, nothing deserves much prominence: RAZR D1 films with 720 × 480 pixels resolution and saves files in * .3 gp, with H.263 codec. The captured images are good, and the audio quality is not bad.

Motorola RAZR D1 review - Hardware and performance

The single-core 1 GHz processor does not thrills by the speed, but the generous amount of RAM that Motorola placed in RAZR D1 ensures a good user´s experience. With 1 GB of RAM, I had no problems with slowdowns when using four or five applications simultaneously.

Its Android 4.1, even with Project Butter, has no fluid animations as I would like, but it doesn´t disappoints.


Its 1,785 mAh battery may not be very big, but it lasts enough. As the smartphone has simple hardware with 1GHz processor and low resolution small screen, the energy consumption is naturally lower. With that, you can use RAZR D1 until the end of the day without the fear of running out of power.

Motorola RAZR D1 review - The Verdict

RAZR D1 has some shortcomings, such as low resolution screen and fluidity, but these problems are expected in a cheap Android smartphone. Instead, the device has a well lasting battery, something that´s becoming more common in Motorola smartphones, and the user ´s experience is good.

It's nice to see that Android is "receiving" good and cheap smartphones. Motorola doesn´t have a "top of the line" smartphone to compete with more expensive devices, such as Galaxy S4 and iPhone 5, but it´s doing well making more accessible products, delivering low and medium cost devices.

Did you like this Motorola RAZR D1 review?


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    • joedolphin88 profile image


      4 years ago from north miami FL

      Great phone article wrote about Motorola's Moto X in a price war with Google Nexus and CellAllure Smartphone The Lite S. They're all on the lower priced side but they are powerful phones especially The Lite S and for practically nothing. Check it out if you get an opportunity.

    • markmorgangenius profile image

      Mark Morgan 

      4 years ago

      Nice review, I like the phone being a good alternative to the costlier android phones out there


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