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Motorola XT615

Updated on April 16, 2013
Motorola XT615
Motorola XT615
4 stars for Motorola XT615

Four Stars !! The only way I could have given it Five Stars is if it came with a larger SD card and more ROM. (operating memory)

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The Motorola XT615

I have recently purchased this phone with a 3 year plan. When I found myself in need of another phone, I did some research before visiting the two carriers I have chosen to go with. What I needed was a phone that would do everything I require at a very low cost.

This phone has been an excellent choice for me although it does not come with a lot of ROM.

Size: The phone is aprox. 2 3/8" (60mm)wide,4 5/8" (116mm) high,3/8" (9mm) thick

The phone is an excellent size for anyone with thin hands/fingers for using the touch pad. If you have larger hands or thick (I like to call pudgy) fingers, you might have trouble texting with it. I recommend that you test the phone in-store if possible or try out a friend that owns one.

Battery: The life of the battery is affected by how each user uses the phone. Personally, I text about 50 messages a day and make 1 to 3 calls per day. I play a number of games at different intervals of the day. I take anywhere up to 50 photos a day with my work. I upload them to FB or send through email. I also plug in my phone while in the truck for my music. My phone lasts me almost two days before it requires charging.

Photos: 8 MP camera. This has great settings and takes great photos. I'll upload a few on this hub to show you.

Interaction: This phone is excellent with FB and email. I have no issues with my usage.

Memory: The phone does not have a huge ROM and requires that downloads are added to the SIM card. Along with adding all other data to the SIM. This is the only issue I have with this phone. However, I have not had any problems with the phone, I do find that I continuously have to move my downloads to free memory.

RAM: You can purchase an SD card of your choice of size. Mine came with a 2 Gig SD card and I will soon buy an 8 or 16 gig card. I need my music.

Glitches: I have found a few small glitches with the phone. Mostly from games that crash. This is likely a result of the game, and not the phone. The phone however does have one glitch that still has not been updated. You see, I do not pay for any data. I will not pay for it. When data can be moved for free, why pay for it. So to ensure that I don't accidentally incur data charges, I turn the data off. Any time the phone is shut off or an update happens, the wifi will not work until data is turned on. So this is very important. Go to a free wifi area, turn your data on, wait ten to 30 seconds then turn it off. This way, you can send all the images you want through email and or upload to FB or where ever without the cost of data charges.

Interactivity: The phone is very easy to use. You can easily silent the phone and all functions are easy to find and use.

Protect your Phone

I highly recommend that you purchase the safety shield and a cover for your phone. I know that it adds to the thickness but that's ok, your phone will be much more durable to dropping and scratching.


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