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Motorola MILESTONE 2

Updated on September 2, 2010

Motorola MILESTONE 2 Smartphone Review

Motorola MILESTONE 2 is a Smartphone that has everything you should need in a mobile phone.

This device features a 1Ghz processor, which allows anyone using it to access their content very quickly. This enables the user to run numerous applications simultaneously and have a number of web browser pages open at the same time. It is easy to reply to e-mails or texts quickly with a QWERTY keyboard that includes much larger keys which makes for easier typing. One of the great features is that you can connect up to five WiFi enabled devices.

You get more power and speed with the MILESTONE 2, along with the much-improved keyboard. So anyone can access and share information much quicker than before.

With MILESTONE 2 you also get the latest version of MOTOBLUR, which means you can access all of your emails and updates in one place.

The MILESTONE 2 also includes 720p HD video capture and playback in exceptionally clear detail. Users can also access tons of websites with Adobe Flash Player 10.1. and also share all their multimedia with DLNA compatible devices.

Finally, there is a connected music player which can add lyrics to your songs. There is up to 8GB internal memory and an 8GB microSD card inbox, expandable to 32GB

Smart Accessories

The product comes with an 8GB micro SD card with wired headset. Motorola Media Link software can be downloaded FREE that makes the task of transferring music from one's computer to the smartphone even easier.

Optional smart accessories include:-
A car cradle ready for use which automatically converts your MILESTONE 2 into car mode. This allows access to your favorite in-car applications which can be accessed via the one-touch facility, including hands-free calling, music, internet radio, podcasts, Google Maps with Navigation and much more. An in-car charger allows for rapid plug & play & charge for your MILESTONE 2 Smartphone

See What the Motorola Milestone 2 Looks Like

Motorola Milestone 2 Smartphone
Motorola Milestone 2 Smartphone


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