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Computer Mouse Triple-Click

Updated on September 9, 2009
Microsoft and Logitech Wireless Mouse
Microsoft and Logitech Wireless Mouse


Different software applications have specific procedures associated with mouse click events (in a context of this article we are referring to left-button mouse clicks: Single, Double- or Triple-Click). For example, in a Microsoft Windows Explorer single-click on the mouse's left button will cause the selection of file (or folder); double-click will either open the file/folder or run the corresponding executable program. Btw, if the second click-and hold is long enough, then instead of opening the file/folder, system will switch to item’s name edit (“rename”) mode.

Single and Double-click mouse events are widely used in Microsoft Word™ and many other text editors. Within Microsoft Word document single-click will position the caret (cursor shown as a vertical line) inside the text. Double-click will cause a whole word selection.

Less known is mouse triple-click event causing the selection of a whole paragraph in a Microsoft Word and other text editors. The same functionality is implemented in many modern Web Browsers. You could try it on HubPages articles or in a Microsoft Word application as outlined below:

Step 1. Open Web Page or Word document and scroll to the paragraph you would like to select

Step 2. Position the cursor anywhere within the paragraph

Step 3. Triple-click on mouse left button to have the paragraph selected

For better user experience you could adjust mouse double-click event responsiveness (delay) up to your preferences

Warning: Continuous repetitive mouse operations (single, double or triple-click, drag-n-drop, etc.) and/or keyboard typing could cause muscle fatigue, wrist pain and even certain medical conditions, such as tunnel carpal syndrome. To reduce the risk of such complications use the ergonomically-designed keyboard/mouse sets and try to limit the use of these computer devices to the safe level. Also, as an alternative or a complementary solution to the keyboard/mouse computer operations consider Speech-enhanced applications, enabling Voice Command and Dictation mode.


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