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Movies, Music, & Inspiration

Updated on August 12, 2013

Movies, Music, & Inspiration

Motion Pictures, Musical Devices, Television, & USB’s

Volume 3, Issue 7, August 11, 2013

Inspiration comes from many different sources and the most prevalent sources are music and movies. Sound and voice recorders were the invention of the first video cassette recorders that captured the voices and musical tape recordings of one of the great entertainers of all time the wonderful Bing Crosby. The video cassette recorder was invented by the ingenuity and invention of inventor Charles Paulson Ginsburg, in San Francisco in 1920. He was a studio and transmitter engineer at a radio station. However this technology was born long before this invention in March 1956. This lead the empires into a multi-billion dollar industry explosion in television, movies, and music industries.

It seems music inspired many a great leader and innovative spirit as it goes back centuries when the first tribes and cultures existed in history. There were tribal musicians with drumming beats and dances that lead their clans in cultural dances as far back and further than the invading conquests of Indians, cowboys, Romans, Englishmen, and Spaniards. It evolved with the ages and music was recorded with devices that evolved to the rhythm and sounds of an inspirational creator of music. The devices evolved so much that tape recorders went digital with IPods and IPhones in its micro-mini fashion when Apple invented the first IPod and IPhone. We still maintain the tape recorder but not in its traditional sense, they went digital and electromagnetic with the makers of the Bose Music System, Sony CD players, and IPods as well as mini-recorders like the IPod Shuffle.

Some of the Music can be recorded on USB’s that maintain many different modes and files of storage systems for the computer user. Traditionally the mode of storage was on a cassette player or tape recorder.

Television and Movies took the bull by the horns when they recorded sound and video with electro-magnetic imaging on film and it evolved into a significant mainstream item of our lifetime today. Sound, Music, and Images were recorded on a diaphragm and the earliest recordings were of Jazz recordings in music. Their inspiration was delegated to them by a lineage of phonautographs that recorded sound waves, to photoengraving, evolving into a phonograph, and further evolving into an electro-magnetic recordings, and finally the digital entourage of devices.

Audio engineers and entertainers were thrust into a collaboration of sorts that moved industries into the studios to record musicals paving the way to live musical recordings of prime-time broadcasts that moved the television industry to have programming that included music, movies, and visual art at its finest. Investors lined up to have a small piece of the pie in every industry and entertainment moguls became masters of their very own universe, the “Entertainment Industry.” Imagine when Bing Crosby invested a $50,000 investment into this multi-billion dollar industry it was in its infancy and the money he invested paid him with interest, royalties, and an ROI that continues and outshines investments today.

The music industry recorded the most influential bands of the era with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, and the Beach boys setting the pace in the music industry.

Disk or CD (Compact disc/CD ROM) players carried on the evolution in technology of tape recording of sounds and movies on disks that can record movies and music; Sony and Phillips took the lead in revolutionizing movie making recording devices in 1982 after a full collaboration engineers and inventors developed prototypes in digital recording from 1974 to 1982.


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