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Moving Pictures, Video, and Other Files from Phone Memory to SD Card in LG Xenon GR500 (or any LG Mobile Phone)

Updated on February 20, 2011
LG GR500 Phone
LG GR500 Phone | Source


In my other article, “Downloading Pictures, Video, and Other Files from LG Xenon GR500 (or any LG Mobile Phone)” it did not mention how to transfer and download files from the phone memory to a computer.  It only mentions how to move files that are inside the SD Card inside an LG Cell Phone.

These instructions describe how to move files from the LG’s internal memory to SD card.  Once your videos, pictures, music or other files are in the SD card, you can follow the instructions for downloading data to a computer from the “Download Pictures….” Article. 

Steps To Move Files From Phone Memory to Memory Card

Step 1. Select the Main Menu button on the main screen of the LG Phone.

Select Menu
Select Menu | Source

Step 2. Select the My Stuff Folder.

My Stuff Folder
My Stuff Folder | Source

Step 3. Select the type of files you want to move from the My Stuff Folder. We will choose video as an example. This type of file is normally too large to e-mail from the phone. If there is no SD card on the LG Phone, the videos that you take from the phone will be stored in the phone’s memory. You can start to run out of memory very fast unless you delete, e-mail, or download the video files.

Selecting Video as an example
Selecting Video as an example | Source

Step 4.  In the video example, there are icons of the video files within the folder.  On the upper right of the screen is a menu button.  Select this by pressing this button with your finger.

Step 5.   In the menu, there is a list which includes, Send, Delete, Move To, and so on.  Select “Move To”.

Select Move To
Select Move To | Source

Step 6. You will see a selection of Phone Memory and Memory Card. Select Memory Card. This is the SD Card you inserted in your LG Phone.

Select Memory Card
Select Memory Card | Source

Step 7. Select the videos you want to move. Reselect the video to deselect if you make a mistake. When you are done, select the “Move” button.

Select Videos and Click on Move
Select Videos and Click on Move | Source

Step 8. The next screen is list of files already in the Memory Card. Just select “Paste” to move the files from internal memory to the Memory Card.

Select paste to move
Select paste to move | Source

To download the files from the Memory Card to the computer, follow the instructions in my article, “Downloading Pictures, Video, and Other Files from LG Xenon GR500 (or any LG Mobile Phone)”.


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      edj 5 years ago

      Perfect instructions concise and to the point with screen shots.