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Must-Have Android Apps for Writers

Updated on February 21, 2014


If you're a writer and own an Android phone, and want to use it to do some of your writing or collecting ideas, there are a few Android apps that I consider must-haves for writers. This hub will provide more information on those apps.


If you've read any of the posts I've written on Work at Home Adventures, you already know how much I love Evernote. I use it for all kinds of things, such as making notes and to-do lists, saving articles that I want to read later or use as references for articles or blog posts I'm writing - I even have a notebook set up that I save all the usernames and passwords for the websites I belong to.

Microsoft OneNote

I love to use Microsoft OneNote for writing rough drafts of articles and blog posts, so when I discovered there was a OneNote app available on my Android device, I downloaded it immediately. You can whichever notebooks you want to from your computer to OneNote on your Android device, so you can have only the notebooks you want to have on your Android device.


If you write a lot, you know how important mind mapping is to the writing process. Freemind is the best mind mapping app I've found for the Android, however it does have a bit of a learning curve. You won't be able to customize the "Central Theme" circle - at least I haven't been able to figure out how to. When you start, tap on the yellow circle - this will make a few other shapes appear. Tap on the "T" to edit a note, the plus to add a new topic, the ellipsis (…) to make a menu appear that will give you the option to cut, paste or duplicate a your current topic, and tap on the triangle to start over with a new mindmap.


These are the three Android apps that I've found to be most useful as a writer. If you know of any other apps that you've found useful I'd love to hear about them!

What as your favorite writing Android app?

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    • emartin74 profile image

      Erica Martin 3 years ago from North Carolina

      Not sure, don't know what Celtx is.

    • receivetipstricks profile image

      Mrinal Saha 3 years ago from Jaipur,India

      Is there a script writing app for android similar to Celtx ?

      Thanks for the post tough.