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9 Smartphone Apps that Will Help you Whenever and Wherever!

Updated on February 22, 2015

App #1: Waze

Waze is truly one of a kind. It is a navigation app that live streams traffic. Not only that, it tells you where cops are, where potholes are, construction, traffic jams, where the cheapest gas is around you and more!

It's available for free on iPhone, Android, and Windows phones!

Waze, you are truly amazing.
Waze, you are truly amazing. | Source

#2 Venmo

Venimo allows you to pay and charge your friends. You can say good-bye to being that a**hole that has to split the bill 6 times at a restaurant.

Did you know you can stalk your friends with this? It will track their transactions (but not the amount tho,) which show up on the feed.

Available for Android phones and iPhones!

#3 Afterlight

Selfies are becoming ever-so-popular. Admit it, you probably took one yourself. But for the ones who obsessively like to post these selfies to Instagram, the app Afterlight is for you. What it doe's is that it first locates your phone then doe's a 25 mile radius search, to help you find a doctor nearby.


The app just makes your pictures really cool by adding borders around it. But it's only available for the iPhone.


#4 NYT Now

Written by the same people who write the New York Times, this app will provide you a summary of some of the top news stories!

Available for the iPhone

This app is really nice!

#5 Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight tells you where the best values are for hotels around you. These can be great for last minute, spontaneous trips. Those are the best kinds of trips anyway!

Available for iPhone, Androids, and Windows phones.


#6 Evernote

I find Evernote incredibly useful.

Evernote is useful for:

  • Writing Everyday
  • Working together on projects
  • Gathering research
  • Finding anything and everything fast
  • Staying in Sync
  • Sharing your ideas

Available for iPhones, Androids, Window phones, and desktops


#7 iRecycle

iRecycle is the premiere application for finding local, convenient recycling opportunities when you are on the go or at home. iRecycle provides access to more than 1,600,000 ways to recycle over 350 materials.

This app is brought to you by I really recommend using this app. People are throwing away stuff they shouldn't be. Most of it can be donated to Goodwill, or it at least could get recycled.

This app can be used on iPhones and Androirds.

App #8: Wunderlist

This app is great for conquering your next to do task. Whether you're running your own business, planning an overseas adventure or sharing a shopping list with a loved one, Wunderlist is here to help you get things done. Benefits: Wunderlist syncs across all your devices to keep you on top of all the things you want to do, from anywhere. Easily share lists with your colleagues, friends and family to collaborate on anything from team projects to group dinners. Intuitive design and friendly reminders ensure you never forget important deadlines (or birthday gifts) ever again.

Can be downloaded on iPhones and Androids

App #9: Viggle

Maybe you've heard of Viggle. But maybe you haven't. With Viggle, you can earn points simply by checking into any TV shows that you are watching. And you can redeem these points for any of the prizes.

Can be used for iPhones and Android phones!


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