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Must Have Cloud Storage Android Apps 2014 To Backup Data Online

Updated on January 30, 2014

General Introduction

Nowadays, more and more businesses are moving their concentrate from conventional employees to cellular employees. And this has occurred due to the appearance of cloud-based cellular access and discussing of material – preserving large period of time of businesses in keeping a track of their material. If you to increase your reasoning storage space experience then there are several Android operating system reasoning storage space programs available to choose from.

Cloud storage space has become “the next-in” thing for businesses that has changed the use of hard disk storage with reasoning storage space programs out there in the market space. By using them, you will be able to store your data online instead of your SD card, so ultimately you will be able to backup your data and you will not have to worry about loosing data.Here, I’ve come with a list of top 5 Cloud storage Storage Apps for Android operating system that is a must-have for enterprises:


Dropbox | Source
5 stars for Cloud Storage Service Rating

1. Dropbox

Dropbox is one of the favorite cloud storage service of mine.It can automatically sync captured photos from device to my dropbox account, this way i don't have to worry about backup. It automatically take backup of them and store it on my account.

Dropbox has these days become one of the most popular cloud storage Android app – for both company as well as non-business areas. Dropbox comes with fascinating functions that allows to you to publish images on your Android operating system system, turn through picture collections, and make modifications in records via its in-built text-editor and discuss those records as email accessories straight from Dropbox.

The best part! If you worry of dropping your Android operating system system, your information will stay safe in Dropbox. The app gives Android customers about 2GB of Free Cloud storage space. You can increase your storage space by mentioning your associates to Dropbox. Is not that interesting! logo logo


Box is another free service and my second favorite cloud storage app. Box is a perfect business cloud storage app available for Android operating system devices.Not only for android, but it available in almost all platform including windows, iPhone, android, blackberry, windows phone, iPad etc. Box is a simple, scalable and affordable solution to manage documents, media and all your content online. Share files as a link. Sync files on the desktop. It’s file sharing, reinvented.

Regardless of where you or group is – Box let them easily access, modify and manage your data files directly on your Android operated device.

Additionally, it lets you work together and keep in touch with your group at anywhere, anywhere. According to reports, an impressive number of over 150,000 companies depend on this app to carry out their content discussing process in the most simple yet highly properly secured manner.
When compared to Dropbox small 2GB of storage area space, Box provides Android users with 10GB of free storage area space.

Skydrive Logo

Skydrive Logo
Skydrive Logo


I generally not use skydrive on my android device but I use it on my WIndows 8 laptop. it offers you 7 GB of free cloud storage for your files that's accessible from anywhere with access to free Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote in your browser.

It also lets users to handle their information with ease, share data and information such as images and even allows watching recently used records. You can even publish your pics and vids straight from your Android smartphone to SkyDrive.

SugarSync: File Sharing, Online Backup & Cloud Storage service
SugarSync: File Sharing, Online Backup & Cloud Storage service


SugarSync is not new, but the app is still one of the most well-recognized free cloud storage app for Android smartphones.SugarSync is a file sharing, online backup and cloud storage service that is easy to use and reliable. Sync music, photos and files across any device

For people who are attached to saving their images together at one place, SugarSync provides a individual tab that gives customers with an affordable solution to Photobucket. What makes this app different from others is that it provides additional transaction techniques in contrast to other reasoning storage space applications. SugarSync provides 5 GB of free storage online.




I have heard lots of positive review about mega, but never tried it. I am thinking to try it. Mega is yet another Android cloud storage application that provides an impressive 50GB of storage space to users, at no cost. This app allows customers to perform the basic projects of surfing around information, to creating files, modifying and installing information and much more with convenience.

The greatest advantage of the app is that it guarantees maximum security to your content, as it encrypts everything that you publish and the user himself keeps the security important factors. Having comfort concerns? Well, Super suits your invoice.

What Else? You can yourself control your Super consideration, and can modify your camera to your consideration straight, to obtain a duplicate of your pictures as well as video clips instantly, when you get connected to your consideration.

Overview of all cloud storage services

Cloud Storage Serive
My rating
Offering Free Space
2 GB
10 GB
7 GB
5 GB
50 GB

Which is your Favorite Cloud Storage Service

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if you are using any of the free storage services and satisfied or dissatisfied with it, feel free to share your review and experience with it in the comment below. Also vote which is your favorite cloud storage services.


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