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Must Have iPad Accessories for Greater Functionality

Updated on June 22, 2012
Bundle packs are available
Bundle packs are available

There are some must have accessories for ipad that will allow for greater functionality of your mobile tablet devices. Some allow you to work more efficiently, while others provide a greater ability for the device to interact with other technology.

The docking station keyboard combination is an excellent and necessary product if you need to do more than browse the web or scroll through a few photos and graphics. It allows you to type at the same speed you would on a laptop and also provides a place to charge the device. For those who do not need full keyboard functionality, a stand alone docking station is also handy.

A carry case that holds both the keyboard and the tablet is very useful. It allows for carrying both pieces together. It also provides an advantage of keeping the tablet at a viewable angle and keeps it in place while you work. Nothing is more frustrating than having a device slip away while you're working on an important document or project.

A usb power adapter with a 6 foot cord is useful for those with limited outlets in a room or that are placed in difficult to reach areas. This is a great tool for those who do not need a docking station or a keyboard. To connect with other devices, there are camera connection kits that use an SD card reader to upload photos onto the device.

There are many cases and protectors available for the tablet device. A neoprene sleeve is great for carrying and keeping the item clean and free of debris. Such cases are smaller than those made for laptops but basically offer the same protection and design or color choices. A flexigrip case is designed a little differently, to allow access to all the ports you may need to use.

The cloak is a protective case but it also functions as much more. It has the ability to be unfolded to hold the tablet at an angle, just as a photo frame. It is made of durable rubber and can be used in portrait or landscape positions. There is a waterproof waterguard case for use by the poolside or at the beach, in a variety of frame colors. A screen protector in a matte finish is ideal for those who use their devices outdoors or in areas where the screen can create quite a bit of glare. It simply rubs on and peels off, when it is not needed.


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