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Must have amazon kindle accessories

Updated on June 10, 2015
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Kindle Fire HD
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You have decided to buy the kindle from amazon or from an electronic shop and wondering what do you need for your kindle. What accessories do you need? Hmm...look no further because here are few basic accessories that is a must have that will protect your kindle from fall, dust and wear and tear of your kindle will be bit slower that means it will last longer for you to sell it off later as almost brand new!!. However, that also depends how you personally care of course but these accessories will sure protect your kindle.

A. Screen protector

Screen protector is a must have for kindle. There are various stores that provides screen protector for all types of kindle.While investing in the screen protector make sure it's a good one and not a cheap with low quality. There are different screen protector for kindle and kindle fire products. Make sure you buy the appropriate one!!

While buying kindle consider the following:

i) can be wiped clean

ii) Aid or doesn't reduce your touch screen movement

iii) Anti glare - it will reduce eye irritation when reading outside or inside as well.

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Next step is to buy a cover for it. Some are classic vintage type and some are simple and modern. There is a good recommendation by a fellow hubber iZeko on cover if you are looking for eyecatching one. My recommendation is to look for one that is easy to clean and will hold upright without your hands holding it. After sometime your will tire and you might want to balance your kindle on your stomach or on the bed. So look for the one that is user friendly.

C. Charger and converter

You will need a charger since most kindle comes only with USB cable and not the charger. A charger is must as you will be charging through power slot than the computer. So you need a charge that will charge your kindle the simple and most ordinary way and does not involve the hassle of starting your computer. A charger is simple accessory that is also a most important one and also the one you will definitely need if you travel a lot. A charger that is being offered by amazon claims to charge your kindle fast. I have not tested their claim however I do have one.

It does not harm to have a car charger too depending where you use your kindle most of the time. Since, I read a lot at home I don't charge at home but in the car while I am traveling to work and home; plus I can charge my phone along with my kindle. Also if you are traveling to different countries frequently you will need universal converter that can used ever where. A compact travel friendly convertors are the ones that support either flat pin or round pin. So be informed of what sort of converter you will be needing before you leave.


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