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My Blackberry Apps

Updated on June 8, 2010


Before I start my applications, I would like to say this: I know that the iPhone and Android have much better and more apps than the Blackberry. I prefer the Blackberry because of BBM, keyboard, and other stuff. Not trying to compare these apps with any other phone's apps, but I want to share my applications for those who are interested.

Please share yours as well. Also, I'm not including the games.

1. Facebook

Everyone knows what Facebook is. Just about everything that's functional on the actual site is functional on the BB. Well, almost everything. There are some very minor things that are left out such as notifications when someone "likes" something you have posted. Nothing else though.

It's by far the most-used app that I have on here. 

2. BBM

Blackberry Messenger is usually an app that is pre-installed on every BB device. It is an instant messaging service, free of charge to use, and exlusive to only BB owners.

You can do status updates, send out a global announcement to every person on your BBM list. 

All you have to do is exchange your BBM pin that is give to you with your Blackberry, with another BB user, and you are in business. 

3. Twitter

Yes, another social thing. I'm a social person. Get over it.

So like the site, you can get Tweets from the people you follow, write out Tweets, edit your profile, etc. Pretty straight forward. 

4. Pandora

Pandora is available to just about every smart phone, so this is pretty standard stuff. 

You listen to internet radio on the go. I use it in my car. You input your favorite artist, it plays that artist's songs, plus artists that are similar to him/her. A must-have for me. 

5. Dictionary

This is a pocket dictionary, based on, but it is incredibly fast!!

It even has a feature to does audio on your speakers to pronounce words for you.

6. Scoremobile

I love sports. This app gives you up-to-the second sport scores. Anything form the NBA, MLB, NFL, NCAA, and NHL. Gives you stats on your favorite teams and players as well.

It can give you any current sports info. 

7. Movies

Movies is a Blackberry app that has Flixter and Rottentomatoes information on every movie there is. It also has quick reviews from Flixter and RT reviewers. 

Let's not forget high-quality movie trailers. 

8. Engadget

An app-form of the site

Endgadget is a blog-style site about news of gizmos and gadgets. Engadget usually updates this app frequently to make it run faster and such. 

9. Weather Bug

Weather Bug is an app that gives you an up-to-the hour weather for anywhere in the world, and your location, of course. It gives you a 10-day weather as well.

If there are tornado or T-Storm warnings it will even give you a notification. Vibrate or ring. Your choice. It even has access to you GPS if you let it, so if you're traveling, it updates your location automatically. 


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