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Hello World

Updated on July 5, 2012

Hello World

Hello for everyone!

This is my first post. Hope to multiply this a hundred to a thousand blog posts!

See you around readers! :)

I just wanted to say hello for everyone :)) but i got "This Huh contains very little content" so I will share my experience with dump virus...

So Last week, when I was editing photos on my computer, a table of Smart HDD Check appeared on my computer. Various errors were appearing in the table one by one, and I could not believe that my computer is damaged so severely. I waited until the scan finished, and I found that this I cannot fix those errors unless I buy a full version of Smart HDD. Later, I was talking to my friend who is an IT nerd, and I told him what errors occurred on my PC. I was told that it was impossible to have such system errors on a working computer.

Eventually, he told me that Smart HDD was not real. Smart HDD is a fake disk defragmenter which tells big lies!!! Fortunately, I did not purchase its registration key which would allow me to repair the system. I would have lost my money and my banking data, and now I would be crying that I do not have money in my bank account.

Thanks God I found a useful website which explained how to remove Smart HDD from the computer. It really helped a lot, and now my computer is protected.

So be careful on internet ;)


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