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My Experience buying an used Mac, Part 2

Updated on October 28, 2012

Came with original box and accesories

I already made an article last week about how i purchased my MacBook Pro on eBay and i also added some tips for new customers who wish to buy an used mac. i suggest reading that previous article to find out some great tips before you place an order online. With that said, this is the review fo my MacBook Pro original, the 2007 not unibody version.

NOTE: I paid only $377.10 for a MacBook Pro that came with original box, brand new accessories, and a good battery, will do a review on best eBay computer sellers.

Keyboard will be only $9.89

Why not unibody?

I based my decision on an smart point, unibody means all constructed on one single piece solid computer. That sounds strong and durable, and it is. Some people, hoever, had been so unlucky that their unibody laptops developed some problem in the logic board (mother bod) and are now facing a big price to fix it. Others just lacked care and an accident ceased life of their Mac laptops because fo the big price to fix them.

Unibody means:

1) Parts are much more expensive (compare the battery of my MacBook Pro is under $50, but an unibody built in battery would cost $123 on the Apple store).

2) Easier to repair. If an unibody is experiencing problems, most components are tied deeper in the logic board. That means, no eBay or Amazon parts research and youtube "do it yourself video". as you can tell in the video, parts and cables are so tied to the logic board that any mistake will cause major components to fail. Do not recommend doing any upgrade or replacement if you are not used or have confidence you can really repair the unibody style Macs.

NOTE: Unibody parts are durable and will really ast much longer. However, if you are one of those unlucky or careless users and your Macs breaks don before you expect it, prepare to see the high repair price! At any point during you Mac life, you will need some replacements (hard drive after 20,000 hours of use, battery after 1,00 cycles, LCD screens develop hot spots on corners or dead pixels).


I opened the box, came covered in a sea of soft foam. I had to literally swim my way through the trash can after pulling the Mac out of the shipping box and pull all the cotton foam out. The seller ensured good shipping care and speed!

The Mac came in the original box, with all the install disk and a brand new remote controller. The seer cleaned the laptop completely. New fresh installed OS with no personal data!

Note: The battery is 50% still working, and the keyboard has the "N" key wear out. It hs a disk inside that would not come out, ll have my friend repairing the superdrive (once again, not going to be expensive since he is not going through an stressing unibody disassembly)

No complains about this computer so far, excellent!

MY ULTIMATE TIPS, this will close my article and probably save your pocket

Apple is now going toward advancements too quickly, killing several couple years old macs in the way (like the MacBook Air 2008 cannot run mountain Lion and i now obsolete). So i decided to purchase a MacBook Pro with Intel Core 2Duo, which can run Lion on it. I actually run snow lepard but some day i will be forced to upgrade.

Do not buy PowerPc, Intel solo, or Intel Core Duo Macs as their system cannot be upgraded beyond snow leopard i believe. Buy Intel Core 2Duo and more preferable Intel i3-5-or 7 versions. They will be upgradable to newer OS X versions.

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