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My Experience with the Android Market so far

Updated on August 24, 2012

Android Development

What happened

It's been a while since I've last written a hub. Today I was browsing the internet about how to increase my Android app performance on the market and earn a few buck, when a mail ringed a notification on my tablet. Took a look at it and there it was, a mail of hubpages to give me some daily notifications. At that moment it struck me, here's what I could do to fill the void when not developing and possibly increase my app visibility and web presence in general. This "promoting" started a few days ago as I've noticed that I had very little exposure on the internet. I've started my old twitter account again, found a few interesting tweeters to follow and started socializing. It's going painfully slow and I have yet to get used to twitter and generate some interesting content. In hope to push everything a bit more I've decided to continue writing hubs in hope to offer some good tutorials, earning reports, some personal statistics and a personal view on the Android market from the perspective of the average student developer. I know there are probably at least a million of such articles and blogs, but I don't care, as long as it can help, I'm ready to do it.

Getting up to date

To finish my introductory talk, I'm going to move on and write about what happened so far and what my current status and opinions are.

Last year I started going to college, and as a young developer started looking for fun projects. During the second semester we started having lectures about Java programming which was an excellent opportunity for me to learn a new programming language. C/C++ were my main tools until then, even though I've had my fingers dirty in most common programming languages, including Java. Anyways It took me a week to get actually used to Java and start making anything reasonable. But you know what, java alone seemed quite boring at that time, nothing more "awesome" than everything else. A week or two later I've got my first Android device. My LG Optimus 2X. A wonderful piece of electronics. I've used an iPhone and iPod touch for a small while before college, but Android blew me away. So I've decided to put that new found Java knowledge to some use. I've downloaded and installed the SDK and wrestled with drivers for the next couple days to get my phone recognized by adb. I've got everything set up so I've started playing around and made a couple useless applications just to toy around and get familiar. Even though it was Java, it required me to learn a lot of new concepts and above all XML layouts and other. Took a while until I got to a level where I could actually develop something more serious.

While I was experimenting, I built up a nice codebase and collection of tricks which every good developer needs. Also during that period I've found tons of ideas which I have written down so that I know where to start off when I'm ready. Currently that's about two dozens of waiting ideas and it grows almost daily. So the next thing I did was pick one idea, that was not too hard and not too easy to realize. I've spent like two or three weeks putting everything together in my spare time.

Then what happened was just next to shocking. After I've registered my developer account on the Android Market and uploaded my first application. It was fast and easy. Waited a couple days to get the first stats, and to my surprise... Nothing, nothing at all. Almost 0 free downloads and none paid. I wasn't disappointed, I didn't expect much but this was far less than I hoped for. And it continued like that up to today and I hope it will get better. I'm also looking to put out an update in the coming period. If you ask yourself what application that is, you can take a look here.

Meanwhile I've put two more apps on the market. While one is stuck at 0 the other one has racked up around 750 free downloads in about three weeks. I did minimal marketing which amounted to probably only a few handfuls of downloads. That's where I decided to increase my web presence to see how it reflects on my downloads.

The Future


This is my introductory post to start writing about how everything goes and what happens in hope that it will use somebody to learn from my ups and downs.

The coming posts will be about my development style, what are my best practices, where and how I learned, what happened until now, tutorials and much more.

I hope you will follow me and keep reading. You can also follow me on twitter @arquason where I'll post about updates and coming articles and anything else I find relevant or interesting.


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