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My Favorite Christian iPad Air Cases

Updated on October 5, 2015

The Real Thing

One iPad may look a lot like another. However, it becomes clear when you begin to use them side by side that there actually are significant differences. The experience can differ dramatically.

Two people may look very much alike on the outside. Both have the same number of heads, arms, legs, etc. But get to know them, get them to reveal their heart to you. That's when you'll know the difference.

Do we need outward expressions of our Christian faith? Absolutely not. Who you are matters to God. He already knows what is in your heart. People are a lot more dense. That's when Christian paraphernalia come in handy. They are great conversation starters. Start the conversation.

Today we are going to take a look at my favorite Christian iPad Air cases.

First Things First - Model Matters

The iPad Air comes in two versions, the plain Air and the Air 2. The Air 2 is slightly thinner than the plain Air, so some cases may not fit on both. Be sure to scrutinize any advertisement to make sure you get one that fits on yours.

How do I Know Which Model I Have?

Apple does not exactly flaunt their model numbers, but they are there. Turn it over. There should be a label near one of the short edges. Somewhere on the label following the word Model you will find the model number. It is an "A" followed by a four digit number.

iPad Air and iPad Air 2 Model Numbers

iPad Air
iPad Air 2

What to Look for in a Case

In this article we're focusing more on the message than the function, so we are not going to look at cases that offer a lot of protection. Cases generally only cover the back of the tablet whereas covers cover both the front and the back.

Here is a hard shell polycarbonate case. It is really thin and lightweight and does not bulk up your iPad. It is also really easy to install leaving all your access points fully accessible. You simply snap it on.

So do not fear, for I am with you;

do not be dismayed, for I am your God.

(Isaiah 41:10) NIV

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Compare iPads

The video below does a great job highlighting the differences between the two seemingly identical tablets.

iPad Air vs. iPad Air 2

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