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My Favorite Funny Christmas Videos

Updated on December 8, 2011

JibJab Farting Elves Video

Christmas Videos That Make Me Laugh

Like millions of other people, I love to watch funny videos on YouTube. And since laughter is supposed to have a wide range of health benefits, from helping to relieve pain to increasing your immunity, I guess it's not such a bad way to spend your time. If you're looking for a good way to kill a few minutes and have a little funny during the holiday madness, here are some of my favorite funny Christmas videos. Note that not all of them are politically correct or family-friendly.

How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas

There are several videos on YouTube showing how to wrap a cat in Christmas paper, but this is my favorite. I don't know if it's only funny to cat owners like me, but this video has nearly 5 million views. So I guess I'm not the only person who enjoys it.

How to Wrap a Cat for Christmas Video

The Politically Correct "Night Before Christmas"

Has political correctness gone too far? Once you hear Larry the Cable Guy read the "politically correct" version of "The Night Before Christmas," you'll probably say yes. In this version of the classic holiday poem, poor old Santa Claus can't even say, "Ho, ho, ho."

The Night Before a Non-Denominational Winter Holiday


Not Politically Correct At All

Ventriloquist Jeff Dunham isn't politically correct at all - the video below has some language and adult humor you won't want your kids hearing. But if you love Dunham's Achmed the Dead Terrorist, you'll love hearing the dummy sing his own special version of "Jingle Bells."

Jeff Dunham's Don't Come Home for Christmas CD

Achmed the Dead Terrorist Sings "Jingle Bombs"

Santa Battle

If you're familiar with the very popular Mean Kitty song on YouTube, you might already be familiar with Cory Williams, who sings about his kitty Sparta. But he's also the guy behind the funny Christmas video below, in which two bell-ringing pseudo-Santas duel for superiority on a street corner.

Epic Santa Battle

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    • WillStarr profile image

      WillStarr 6 years ago from Phoenix, Arizona

      Wonderful videos, and funny Hub! Voted up!