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My Favorite iPad Applications - Free and Paid Apps for the iPad

Updated on May 23, 2011

I recently purchased an Apple iPad and was pleasantly surprised with some of the applications that are available for the device; for free or for very low prices.

The iPad comes loaded with several apps that are extremely useful. These preloaded apps include:

  • iBooks
  • Photos
  • Mail
  • Maps


You can read books in epub format which are downloaded from iTunes on this application, you can also read pdfs and text files.


This where you access your photographs that you might have loaded onto your iPad from iTunes or images you have saved from the web.


I managed to set up my Gmail account quickly in mail and find it much nicer to use than the Gmail website. The only drawback is you don't have access to all the Gmail apps through mail.


I love the maps application. You can center the map to your current location. If you ask for directions it will act as a gps and tell you which way to go. It will even give you bus routes, tell you which bus to take and even the time the next bus is due.

For a list of all the pre-loaded applications, visit the Apple website.

From Wikipedia, image property of Apple Computers
From Wikipedia, image property of Apple Computers

So Many Choices

I quickly half-filled my 32Gb iPad with mostly free applications; I have bought two so far, Bejeweled and Boggle. Both were $1.99 each.

Game play on the iPad is lots of fun, the colors are excellent and there is none of the hanging that I have experienced playing Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. You can also connect your Bejeweled Blitz to Facebook and compete with your friends who play the game. You get 4 different versions of the game on this application; classic Bejeweled, action Bejeweled, endless Bejeweled and Blitz.

With Boggle, you shake the iPad to simulate shaking the Boggle board. Up to 4 people can play the game. You can choose between quick play and advanced play. Quick play give you a straight up Boggle game. Advanced play lets you play with friends, create challenges and even gives you a self scoring game where you write down the words you find. You can also choose the music you wish to play with the game, if any. For more challenge you can choose the letter orientation of the board.

Below you will find three of my favorite free applications.

Twitterific Lite:

This app makes me believe that the iPad was made for Twitter and vice versa. It makes twittering so easy. I haven't tried the other Twitter apps yet. The full version gives you access to more tools as well as letting you control more than one Twitter account.


This app gives you access to all the news reported by NPR, it lets you stream live radio programs and allows you to download podcasts for the various programs.

NFB Canada

This app allows you to watch full versions of National Film Board documentaries.

More to come

I usually search for new apps every day or when I hear about an application I would like to try. I will limit myself to buying one once a month or less. Sometimes it takes a few days to decide if an app is worth the download. I am currently trying out a couple of free drawing apps, one from Adobe.


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  • profile image

    cosette 7 years ago

    congratulations, UW! imma try that Boggle!

  • profile image

    kimberlyslyrics 7 years ago

    um, love ya girl, but do you think we should be promoting menstral products here? Do you find it divides your readership a tinieee weeee bit?

    OK, straight up, chick to chick, I run always on mac laptops. Yes I have a blooming point. Is it honestly worth it for me to buy an i pad? Don't get me wrong, I love these toys, but if I have an airport connection on comp, what real benefit would it serve me? I'm so ok if the answer is fun, and wanted to know more for me, self centered and all

    Very cool hub, I hope they throw one your way Miss someunited fighter

    oh, almost forgot you too have left the dollar store tag on your to, just cut it off and I'll keep hold of it in a safe place should you need to return it, don't be embarrassed, it happens to me all the time, just I am richer and shop at the 83 cent store, ya makes be poor, rich snob

    brb for that tag and answer, xo

  • ultimatepotential profile image

    ultimatepotential 7 years ago from India

    Awesome. Thanks for the little review. I am still waiting to get my Ipad.

  • Uninvited Writer profile image

    Susan Keeping 7 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

    There is a great application for people who need a pad to communicate. Unfortunately, it's almost $200! Dragon Dictation seems to be quite good.

  • Cari Jean profile image

    Cari Jean 7 years ago from Bismarck, ND

    We haven't gotten an ipad yet either but we are hoping to get on for our daughter who has cp. A another free app is Dragon Dictation where you can speak into the microphone and it types the words for you. This would be perfect for our daugther who is unable to use a keyboard.

  • mega1 profile image

    mega1 7 years ago

    I haven't got my Ipad yet - waiting to learn more about how wifi will work out in the country where I am - whether I have to buy another adaptor or not will make some difference. I know so little about it = thanks for the info! It looks like its a lot of fun.

  • Spider Girl profile image

    Spider Girl 7 years ago from the Web

    Nice choice, will check these out right away! Voted up and rated useful!

  • Uninvited Writer profile image

    Susan Keeping 7 years ago from Kitchener, Ontario

    I saw that...honestly I was working on it before yesterday :)

  • Pcunix profile image

    Tony Lawrence 7 years ago from SE MA

    An interesting app for both Twitter and Facebook is FlipBoard. I'll stick with TweetDeck, but Flipboard is fun to play around with. It basically takes your Twitter and Facebook feed links and turns them into a magazine for you.

    It was funny to see this today because I just published my "Favorite and Unfavorite iPad Apps" hub yesterday. Must be something in the air :-)