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My Favorite Type of Cameras Are Henry's Cameras. Great Shop!

Updated on September 10, 2009

My Favorite Type of Cameras Are Henry's Cameras. Great Shop!

I recently went over to Henry's to do a little camera/equipment shopping. I write this because I was really happy with what they did for my customer satisfaction. It was excellent from my personal experience. If you are in the marketplace for a camera, you should really consider getting Henry's cameras.

Excellent selection of Henry's cameras. There were so many to choose from. They all looked so nice and appealing to purchase. I wanted to buy them all.

Nonetheless, I really needed a digital SLR camera. For a few months I was considering to buy the Olympus Evolt E-510. I needed this for an upcoming wedding. Without any problems it was there for me to purchase. I did not need to go hunting for it anywhere else.

Many choices of printers. There were millions of printers to buy. I needed the HP Photosmart 8750 Printer. Like the camera, it was there for the purchase. This was so quick and easy!

At this point I was all set with my purchases. I was confident in what they were selling me and had no problems paying them with my hard earned money--still hard to say, but worth it. Did I mention that it was too easy!

Now for the minor details...

They have pretty decent prices. I know I was going to be spending a lot of money. Nevertheless, Henry's cameras were able to keep a few bucks in my pocket. Thanks guys. I really did think I was going to have to give up my first born...

They have great customer service. Everyone helped me right away. I did not have to go searching for an associate. They were so easy to talk to. When I had a question, they were able to answer it without any problems. Very smart camera people!

My favorite type of cameras are Henry's cameras. This is without a doubt in my mind. I know that if I need another camera or some kind of camera equipment, I am going back to Henry's. What a great store!


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