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Solved! My HTC Keeps Turning Off

Updated on March 11, 2013

HTC Turning Off

My HTC Desire phone kept turning on and off. Once I figured out what I was doing wrong, I literally solved the issue instantly.

For hours I couldn't figure it out. I tried everything from setting the screen lock for longer periods, to pulling the battery out and starting over and then by a fluke I figured out the problem – the HTC proximity sensor!

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The HTC proximity sensor looks like 2 small circles and is located on the top right corner of your phone. This feature has been built into your HTC to save your phone's battery. The phone's screen switches off when this sensor is covered during the call by your face. Bear in mind that the sensor is quite sensitive. You don't even need to make physical contact with the sensor for the screen to switch off. Merely waving your hand in front of the proximity sensor does the trick. Or in my case, having my big thumb on the sensor whilst using the HTC phone on loudspeaker got the sensor kicking into action.

HTC Touch Pro 2 Proximity Sensor Demo


Blocking your HTC's proximity sensor is the cause of a HTC's phone screen constantly turning off.

Keep in Mind

If you are finding that your HTC's screen keeps turning off, despite your efforts to not block the proximity sensor, consider the phone case that you are using. If you are using a HTC flip style phone case, the case's latch can sometimes get in the way of the proximity sensor which will activate the screen shutdown.


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