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My Impressions of the Kindle

Updated on May 15, 2010

The kindle is a revolutionary device that allows anyone to read books as if they were just an electronic software that can be played by anyone. For the first time, the Kindle has allowed anyone to read as many books as they can using a simple, style device that they can take anywhere.

The secret of the Kindle is the combination of a simple to use interface with access to thousands of books from the Amazon bookstore.

Here is why I think the Kindle will continue to be the dominant force when it comes to electronic book readers:

  • Intuitive interface: holding the Kindle is just like holding a real book. It weights close to the same of a paperback. It has also easy controls to flip pages. It has bookmarks, and other easy access features that make it really simple to use.

  • Vast number of titles: the fact that the Kindle is backed by Amazon guarantees that there are thousands of titles that you won't find in any place. Amazon was always known for having the largest variety of books. Now, with the Kindle, Amazon has the biggest variety of e-books than what you will find in any other place.
  • Amazon is investing in the Kindle: another reason is that Amazon considers the Kindle as the future for them. The Kindle has been in the front page of Amazon since it was released. This means that the company is very serious about making the Kindle a success.
  • It is easy to read: reading a book on the Kindle is different from using a laptop of even an iPad. It is easier on the eyes, because of the e-ink used on the product. It is very close to a real paperback book. While a laptop screen can look more similar to white paper, in fact it is just stressful to the eye. Not good if you plan to read for several hours.
  • It is cool to have wireless access: yes, sometimes you want to have a book now, not next week, or after a trip to a bookstore. This is when I find the Kindle to be most useful. Just search for what you need in the Kindle using wireless, and receive it in less than one minute. It is the ultimate way to receive books.
  • Pricing is better than normal books: Amazon offers a sweet deal to Kindle owners: most titles are less than ten bucks. Even best sellers are sold at that price. Some titles are even less. You can buy two or three Kindle books for the price of a single traditional book.

Well, these are my thoughts. Let me know what you think about the Kindle, and if you like it or not.


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