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My Macbook Pro

Updated on January 26, 2013

The 13" Apple MacBook Pro had to change ever detail inside to become more like the computer i want. but changing the inside of my Mac was only the way to start, now all on the outside had to change too. Learning to customize and upgrade a computer is easier than it looks.

Making the JoseBook Pro happen was challenging and costed me some effort, but all you will need is interest in creating your own laptop and read this article step to step and ask any question you may have in the comments below. Actually creating your own computer your way is less expensive than ordering it and easier than having to find the exact speciations you wish in a computer.


The Storage Capacity

Originally, the Macbook Pro 2011 came with 250GB Hard drive and was running at normal speed taking time to turn on and turn off. I had a few issues with my computer because it overheated so much, kept freezing, and ultimately my little brother threw the computer downstairs breaking the hards drive and every thing in it. Fortunately the computer was protected by the BookBook Case strong enough to keep every thing alive except fot eh hard drive that suffered the most damage from the sudden motion and impact.

I then drove to Frys computer store and purchased a 120GB SSD for $90. Now the advantage of the SSD over the traditional hard drive is that it last longer not like the 25,000 hours life spam that a hard drive can be tuned on and is almost immune to break or heavy movement damage. There are some models that can even be broken by half and one half storage information and the other half still works.

Now it takes the JoseBook Pro a few seconds to turn on and even less to turn off and opens applications even faster. The laptop is no longer producing heat because the SSD uses much less energy thus saving battery and reducing heat. SSD is also the solution for older laptop and desktop models that cannot support over 2GB of ram or operative systems like windows XP that cannot read over 3GB of ram. This is also a good move if you are planning to buy an used laptop or desktop computer.


Memory Ram

I was using the original configuration of 4GB that the computer came in with for a long time. unfortunately, i had to move 1GB to another computer i was using. Apple suggest that using a even number of ram (example 1GB+1GB) is better than using an odd number (2GB+1GB) but i noticed a improvement in the other computer i was using when i added one more 1GB of ram and i also noticed a real slow down on the speed of my JoseBook Pro. This proves that having an odd number combination of memory ram (example 2Gb+1GB=3GB) is better than having an even number (1GB+!GB=2GB) of ram when the odd number gives the system more ram. Note: for laptops adding more ram means more power consumption, so be wise when you add more ram and make sure to add just as you need.

Then i purchased a 4GB ram DDR3 from Amazon for about $15. Now the JoseBook has 5GB of ram.

Personalizing the outside

So far the JoseBook Pro has a 5GB memory ram and a 120GB SSD. It is fast and is cheaper to buy the parts and install them myself than ordering the computer configuration or selecting a model with those speciations.

Now, a laptop computer is better than a desktop computer in the sense there are more ways to personalize it and add you style to it. This is how i changed the JoseBook Pro to be more in the way i am.


A computer case is a good way to protect a laptop and have a longer lasting computer. I have several cases in a variety of color and styles. Some offer a better typing experience by elevating the computer and also provide for better ventilation.

Stick on Decals

Adding a stick on Decal is often a good idea depending on what you get. There are millions of designs available but remember, once you stick one on it sticks on. This is one of the best accessories to get and is one of the most attractive.

If i use a decal i sick it on a case that i then put on the computer that way i get to try several different without leaving marks on the computer when i want to remove it.

Computer Marvels

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