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My Quest to Find the Right iPhone 5 case Recommendations and Comments

Updated on October 21, 2012

I've had my new iPhone 5 for about a month now and have resisted buying a iPhone case until I found just the right one. I came close to buying a an amazing product from Grove They make all sort of cases for phones, ipads, readers, ect made out of thin bamboo wood. The cases are expensive but the quality looks outstanding. They are are small company out of Portland, OR

I didn't buy one for just one reason. I read some where that the case may crack in a month or so if the wood gets wet. That being said, I may still end up buying one of these cases. I would highly recommend taking a look at their web page. Custom art can also be etched on the wood. These are really beautiful products.

Another case that appealed to me is made by DODOcase which is more of a pouch. This case is made out of leather to hold your iPhone with slots to hold money and a credit card or two. Again the Quality of these products look excellent. They also make cases for kindles, and other products.

I'm a fan of traditional materials and craftsmanship. I may buy a DODO case for my kindle.

I used a Otterbox on my old HTC android phone but I was disappointed on how the case wore after a year or so. It didn't hold up too well. I have to admit I can be hard on my cell phone at times. I looked at a number of so called “protective cases but they all seemed too bulky for the elegant, slim iPhone 5. Of course these cases would protect your phone better but the negative factor is how these cases would make your phone look. I also read the the drop tests done with the iPhone 5 and was very impressed with the results so I decided to go with a case that wasn't so bulky.

I decided to go with a slim case that wouldn't take away too much of the iPhone's design and looks. I decided to go with a SwitchEasy Tones case. This case is rubberized with a hard polycarbonate shell that molds around my phone perfectly. All the external buttons on my phone are enclosed in the case but they don't exactly look enclosed because the fit is so perfect.

The phone also comes with plugs for that can be inserted to cover the headphone jack and the charging port. I don't mess with the plug for the charging port but I do have one inserted in the headphone port. When I wanted to remove this plug it seemed very hard to do so but I learned it's much easier just to take the phone out of the case which makes it easy to pull the plug out then.

SwitchEasy iPhone case with port plugs
SwitchEasy iPhone case with port plugs

The case does offer some protection but I think this case is more to prevent scratches and keep lint and dust from affecting your phone if you like to keep it in your pocket.

The case has a lip that protrudes just barely over the screen of your iPhone so if you lay your phone facing down on a table, the screen won't touch the surface of the table.

The only negative of this case are the two screen protectors that came with this product. After I put the first one on there were a few air bubbles under the protector This may have been my fault. . What wasn't my fault was the sticky film left on the screen protector after I pulled the the placement tab off. I may have been able to clean this up using soap but I decided to use the second screen protector to try and get a better result. It wasn't really that bad but I like the screen protector to be perfect so it looks like its not even there.

The second screen protector had almost no adhesive on it and was unusable. This was irritating but not a game changer. I will probably spend some coin and get a quality screen protector. I may have have done this anyway.

This case may not be for everyone but I just wanted something that was simple and wouldn't take away from the beauty and design of this phone.

My iPhone in a SwitchEasy case
My iPhone in a SwitchEasy case


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