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My Review of Air Mouse With Keyboard

Updated on May 18, 2017
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Brittany Banks is a young woman who likes to help people in difficult situations.


What is a Air Mouse?

A Air Mouse is a product that you can use to control your computer wirelessly. You can connect your computer to your television using a HDMI cord. The Air Mouse lets you control your computer through your television while you are sitting down. The Air Mouse includes a keyboard. This qwerty keyboard gives you the option to let you type. You do not have to have your computer next to you while using this type of mouse. Your computer can not be in a different room to connect to a Air Mouse. It has to be in the same room or the connection will not work right. You can use a Air Mouse on a smart television, computer, television box, and a tablet.


Why Did I Need This Product?

I wanted to be able to watch Hulu through my laptop on my television. I was tired of always getting up off the couch to change the videos. I'm not a lazy person, but it gets annoying after awhile. I kept getting up to pause a video and it drove me crazy. I wanted to be able to type in the search bar to watch something without having to use my laptop.

My Thoughts

I never knew this type of product existed until I went to a friend's house. I got excited and went on Amazon and ordered it. It came within two days, so I was satisfied. The packaging was great and I was happy the product came with instructions. I took a look at the instructions and I didn't care for them that much. The instructions were not detailed or specific, just basic instructions. I did figure out how to connect the Air Mouse. The packaging came with a USB cord to charge the Air Mouse. I do like the fact that you do not need to purchase batteries; you can recharge the product when it is needed to do so.

Once I connected the Air Mouse to my television, I loved it! I do not have to get up all the time to switch a video or put the video on pause. The Air Mouse has a button that can stop the mouse from moving and clicking the button again will continue to move the mouse. I like that the Air Mouse has this feature. I had to get used to using a qwerty keyboard again, but I do love the keyboard. The air mouse is very accurate when it is in use. I would purchase this product again if I needed to.


Compared to Other Products

I tried using a cordless mouse for awhile before I purchased the Air Mouse. I didn't like the cordless mouse, because I had to get up every time to use the keyboard on my laptop. It got annoying really quick.

I tried using the PlayStation to download Hulu and I hated it. The PlayStation doesn't connect to the Wi-Fi that we are using, so the PlayStation doesn't not play Hulu unlike my laptop.

Would You Rather Use A Air Mouse Or A Cordless Mouse?

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