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My Review of the Sony (UBP X700) 4k Ultra HD Blu-ray Player

Updated on July 7, 2018
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Matt is a professional painter and freelance writer, sharing his knowledge, house-painting tips, and product reviews.

Sony 4k Blu-ray Player Review (X700)

After buying my Sony 75-inch TV and soundbar, I needed a good 4k player for my collection of DVD and blu-ray discs. Originally, I was thinking about buying a gaming console, to get the best of both worlds for movies and games, but I don't game enough to justify spending the extra money on a console.

I looked at several 4k blu-ray players, but settled on the Sony X700, based on the positive online reviews and reasonable price. This model is the cheaper and more compact version of the Sony X800, equipped with some of the same features, including Dolby Vision, which was recently made available by Sony via a firmware update.

So far the player's functioned fine, except for one time when a movie I was watching froze. I had to turn the player off and on again to fix the problem. Hopefully the problem doesn't happen again.

This blu-ray player doesn't come with an HDMI cable. I had to go back to the store to buy one. The player connects to your TV with one 4k HDMI cable. There really is no set up with this blu-ray player. You connect the cable, turn it on, and you're good to go.

The Apps

I already have all of the apps I need on my smart TV, but this blu-ray player has them too in case you have an older TV that doesn't have this technology. You'll have access to Netflix, Amazon, and Youtube, through the player. There are also apps for Vudu, Hulu, Crackle, Spotify, and a few more. The app selection is rather small, and what you see is what you get, but the most popular apps you're going to be using the most are there. The remote also has a Netflix button, but it's missing buttons for other apps.

Sony 4K Blu-ray Player vs Xbox vs PS4

Both the regular PS4 and Xbox don't support 4k content like the Sony (X700) player. You have to buy the pricey Xbox One X for $500 to get 4k support for discs, games, and streaming, or buy the PS4 Pro, but 4k on that console is only supported for streaming, nothing else. Price wise, it was much cheaper and practical for me to buy the Sony X700 for $200, because I rarely play video games anyways.

You also have to factor in the ongoing costs for owning either the gaming console, or the blu-ray player. The gaming console requires additional expenses for playing online and buying new games. You'll buy new movies for the player too, but you've already spent extra money out the door anyway for the console. For someone who likes gaming, buying an Xbox One X is probably the best option.

Is the Sony X700 Worth the Money?

In my experience, so far, the Sony X700 4k player does what I need it to do without any issues, except for only one time when a 4k disc froze while watching a movie. Besides that, it's been fine. I like the compact size that gives me more room on my TV stand shelf. I also can't hear any noise coming from the unit itself during quiet scenes of a movie.

The 2017 model was the Sony X800, which I believe costs $50 more than this player, but I don't see the difference between the two. They both come with the same exact features and HDMI outputs, except the selection of apps between the two varies. If I encounter problems with this blu-ray player, I'll update my review, but I give it a rating of five stars, as of this writing.

© 2018 Matt G.


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