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The New iPhone 5- Review, Features and iOS6

Updated on September 29, 2012

The Smartphone Revelation

It's hard to imagine that only a few years ago a "smart phone" was an object of the distant future. No one would have thought we would be talking, surfing the internet, playing music, and downloading applications on our phones, It took one phone to revolutionize what we once perceived as a phone. Now, smart phones have become a necessity to most.

With growing technology, the market has become very competitive in the smart phone industry. Recently, the new iPhone 5 was released, with a whopping 5 million sold in the first weekend the company quickly sold out of its first shipment.

Personally, I used to work within the phone industry, and slowly watched smart phones take over the market. I bought the iPhone 3G, iPhone 4G, and had been one of the many to pre-order the iPhone 5 and now have it in hand.

Many critics may claim that "there's nothing that's really different with the iPhone 5." Well, I am here to tell you about the new iPhone and why I feel no need to change.

Why Stick with the iPhone?

Being the first smart phone that took the market by storm, I feel reputation is HUGE when it comes to us loyal iPhone users. These phones have always been known to be extremely user friendly, and are easy to learn for the ones who are more ignorant to the new technology. They are constantly growing, coming up with ideas to make their consumers lives easier, and will always be around.

The iPhone 5 has significantly improved, in my opinion, with a much faster processor, high definition display, the new iOS6 features, the new thinner and lighter design, the sound quality and much more. Sure, there's some things that I would have also liked to see improved, but that is with any thing. When critics complain of the insignificant changes, then in my opinion they have yet to really experience this new phone. Why change every thing about a device that is continuously a best seller? There's a reason that they don't dramatically change every thing on every phone release. With a lot of the competitors, the phones and software are changed so much and so often that users get confused. Most competition is not near as user friendly, and can be very frustrating when it comes to ease of use. People love the iPhone because you can basically use it with your eyes shut. The main screen stays the same because they know we are used to it and it has been successful that way.

New Camera

So the camera quality is one of the best out there with it's 8 megapixel and high definition. Click the link to check out the improved quality. Now, you can use Panorama, have a faster shutter speed for action shots, better quality for FaceTime, better front camera quality, and the camera has been tweaked even more for a slightly better quality in lower lighting. I can definitely tell the difference and the pictures are a lot less "pixely" than before. The clarity is much improved and I am able to take clear pictures even when something is in motion.


It may not appear much different, but wait until you hold it. It's super light, thin 7.6 millimeter design with a longer 4" screen, aluminum an glass body, makes it feel more comfortable to use. It is still very durable and it is designed to fit comfortably in your hand or pocket and is also made so it is less likely to be dropped! I love how it feels in my hand and it feels more like a phone now, than the feeling of talking into a block.


The new A6 processor makes this much speedier and responsive. It is the fastest iOS device ever. When texting, dialing, internet surfing, playing games, taking pictures and using applications there is a huge difference in speed. It rarely lags.

It also can connect to LTE networks which offer vastly faster speeds than GSM.

I noticed instantly the change in speed, which is awesome for those of us whose phones are part of our daily lives. Even when I am not connected to the wifi network the load time is reduced significantly.

Wifi is much faster now, and because the iPhone connects to more networks all over the world browsing and download speeds have greatly improved.

My downloads finish in seconds.

Sound Quality

There are many audio improvements including noise-cancelling microphones for better call quality. Now people don't hear as much or if any background noise like the previous iPhones. Calls now sound much more natural and richer with the HD Voice, which expands the range of frequencies transmitted over a call. People have commented that my phone sounds much clearer than previously and I am able to use speakerphone more often now since the background noise is significantly reduced.

When I play music the speakers get much louder and the music is a lot more clear as well. On the older models it almost would sound like a speaker was blown when turning the music up louder but the quality has much improved.

Comparison of display on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4
Comparison of display on iPhone 5 and iPhone 4


A new retina display makes the screen have much more vibrancy and color. There is now one less layer on the screen which makes images clearer and more touch responsive. Of course the longer screen as mentioned above allows for another line of icons on your phone as well. I can definitely tell the display difference between this one and my other phones. The colors are vibrant, they are soothing to the eye, the colors of the text screen are different. It's very easy on the eyes.

New Accessories

They have changed the EarBuds to EarPods. They are designed for a much more comfortable fit, better sound quality, and to stay in the ear with ease. They have done tests with people working out, and shaking their heads with the new EarPods in and they stay in much better than before. Now the headphone jack is at the bottom of the phone, which is designed that the cord from the headphones will not cover the phone while being used.

There is also a new charging port. A lot of people are of course upset about this due to the fact their accessories no longer fit. It is nice and small and plugs in with ease and you can plug it in either direction.

iOS6 Update

The best things about the iPhone are the software updates. Especially the iOS6. There are 200+ new features in this update. I'll cover a few here, especially the ones I find most useful.

  • Apple Maps. Apple Maps replaced Google Maps. There are some bugs yet that will need to be worked out. But, it's a free turn by turn navigation and once the bugs are worked out it'll be awesome. The display on the map is 3D and also allows you to view the actual pictures of the address you entered!
  • Siri. Previously on my 4S I didn't really use Siri. Now, I do. The update has advanced significantly allowed Siri to say more things, open applications, directly tell you information instead of just pulling up websites, it can give you restaurants based on your location and tell you the movies playing near you. It also will post Facebook Statuses and Tweet for you. Of course these are only a few things Siri can do.
  • Facebook integration. Your photos from your camera can be directly integrated onto Facebook, you can use maps to post your location, you can share scores from your game center, you can post statuses from your notification center, birthdays and events integrate into your calendar, and your friends profile information is entered right into your contacts.
  • Passbook. Boarding passes, tickets, coupons, loyalty cards and more are all now in this one easy to use app. Now you can check in for your flight by scanning your iPhone, get into a movie, or redeem coupons. You can see when coupons expire, check your card balances, and see where your concert seats are. When you walk into one of these locations passbook automatically alerts you when your phone is awake, by putting the coupon or ticket onto your screen for you. It also will alert you if your gate changes at the airport so you'll never miss a flight. You'll barely need your wallet anymore!
  • Phone options. Now, when someone calls and life is hectic you can hit a button that will remind you to call them back later. You can also have an automatic text sent to them, if you can't answer. If you do not want to be bothered at all there is now a "do not disturb" feature which will not show any calls and they'll go straight to voicemail. You can however allow contacts that you can't miss, still be able to get through to you.
  • Safari. Now you can add pictures to websites without leaving Safari to go to your camera roll. You can also save webpages instead of just links, so you can still read even when your phone is offline. You can see pictures larger now on websites by turning your phone into landscape mode.
  • iTunes. Now iTunes has had a facelift. It is so much easier to use, and you don't lose your spot when you check out an app. There's a much cleaner set up and many more apps to choose from.
  • Settings. Now there are more options in your settings allowing you to customize your privacy and your phone to your liking even more.

Of course, this is minute amount of the new update. These are what I use most and are most useful to my daily life.


In Conclusion...

There may be a few small disappoints such as I wish the screen was even a little larger, and that the charging port didn't change but those are very minor in what the iPhone is capable of doing.

I am very thrilled about my new iPhone 5. I love it's speed, it's display, it's lightweight design that fits into my pocket with ease, the camera, the Facebook integration, the new Siri, the Passbook, the sound quality and pretty much every thing it offers. This is all the smart phone I need. It is obvious that Apple does what they can to make their consumers life easier. By doing things like Passbook and integrating Facebook it proves that it is constantly being re-designed and updated to fit our busy and ever changing lives.

What is Your Current Phone?

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    • BeautySavvy22 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from York, Pennsylvania

      I don't blame you, the new operating system is still awesome! It is a great phone and is worth the upgrade when you do decide to get one:-)

    • nanderson500 profile image


      6 years ago from Seattle, WA

      The Iphone 5 looks interesting, I am sticking with my 4s for now though.


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