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Samsung Impression Smartphone for AT&T - Personal Product Testimony

Updated on August 24, 2011

Samsung Impression

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Disclaimer: No endorsement or compensation was given for reviewing this product.

So, I have recently moved to Vermont from Wisconsin and, because of the challenged network and reception of Verizon Wireless in the area, had to find an alternate carrier and phone. So much for my love-and-hate relationship with my Motorola Q through Verizon, but you do what you gotta do in order to stay mobile and reachable at all times.

I know how frustrating it can be to not only have to switch cell phone carriers, but also to acquaint yourself and fall in love with a new handset that will be your pride and joy.

I have only owned the phone for about a month now, so if there is anything else worth sharing, am gonna make sure to update this blog for you.

What I Like About It...

I, like most young people in my generation, like to text rather than to engage in a verbal conversation. Lord forbid, huh, having to talk to another human being, but there are times when texting is more convenient depending on where you are and what you are doing.

I like that the Samsung Impression has a both a touch-screen and an actual, slide-out QWERTY keyboard. Personally, I prefer to type on the literal keys rather than to use the touch-screen, but that is just me. Like I said, you have the choice of either or when composing a message.

If you are like me and prefer not to have a data package, some factory-installed applications on the phone alert you before using them so as to avoid being being dinged on kilobytes charges you have unintentionally used.

The battery lasts a considerable amount of time even when using its many functions. I find myself having to charge the phone when it is on low battery every other night.

The phone serves as a music mp3 player that delivers a very nice and crisp sound. You can change the music's sound from normal listening to rock, jazz, pop, dance, classic, wide, dynamic, or surround. I personally like the surround setting for my Lady Gaga songs.

The camera is a generous 3.0 mega-pixel in size, so the quality of the pictures and videos is very good. In fact, I use it in place of my Sony Cybershot digital camera when capturing cool moments.

What I Do Not Like About It

Even though I like that it has two kinds of keyboards, when using the actual, slide-out one, the keys seem too flat for me. They are not as raised up as the Motorola Q I used to have. Therefore, my fingers feel very little distinction among the keys despite that my hand are small. I also find that my thumbs bump into the top of the keyboard that meets the side of the phone when keying in a message using the QWERTY row. I like to speed-text, so to me it is a hindrance.

The touch-screen keyboard when used, must be kept sideways. Otherwise, right-side up the keyboard area "shrinks" to the set-up similar of the phone keypad of a flip phone. It is not my preference that it does that, but it is just my assessment of it according to my liking.

There are icons on the menu that if, again, you are like me and do not like to be billed for data usage, if not careful, when you touch them they automatically jump to an Internet browser. So, I find myself quickly exiting those applications so as to not incur data charges. I wish that the phone had a way to block those applications.

When the battery gets low on juice, it prompts you too many times to charge it. So, if you have it on the vibrate setting, you fall for what you think is a text alert when it rattles in your pocket. Tease.

If, like myself, you like to upload music on your phone, then the space those music files take will shorten the text memory space. I downloaded two of Lady Gaga's albums in full, but now am finding myself getting warnings from my phone about not enough memory before receiving or sending a text message. So, unless you expand the phone's memory with an aftermarket Micro SD chip, you will be finding yourself debating on whether to delete a juicy text or sacrificing a few songs here and there.

Best wishes on picking a new phone. I hope this mediocre review helps you in any way!


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