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My review of the Retron Hyperkin 3

Updated on March 17, 2015

Retro gaming anyone?

I am a gamer, and I grew up in the 8/16-bit era of gaming. I originally had a Genesis, but secretly lusted for a SNES. When, a few months ago while bored and looking for things to add on my Amazon wishlist, I found the Retron Hyperkin 3, I immediately bought it. A console that plays NES, SNES and Genesis games? Aww hell yeah! Now, after I bought it, I read the comments. Hmm... Looks like some NES games, like Castlevania 3 and Dragon Warrior, aren't compatible with the Retron's hardware. And when you use the S-cable instead of composite, the NES games won't work. Ahh well, I'm more interested in the SNES and Genesis anyways. When it came, I unboxed it, hooked it up to my TV via the included component cables, and tried to have a blast from my past. But alas, I did not. Though the Retron Hyperkin 3 can use the original consoles controllers, the included 'wireless' controllers are junk. First off, you need a teeny tiny phillips screwdriver to open the damn thing and insert the 2 AAA batteries. And when you do, you have to pinpoint the controllers 'eye' to the laser. With pinpoint accuracy. To hell with that, I threw them in the trash and went to Kijiji for some cheap controllers. Fortunately, the controllers work. The way the console is set up is you have three slots for either the NES, SNES or Genesis cartridge. You can insert a game in all three slots with no problem. A light is on each slot, indicating which 'console' is on. Their is a round switch which chooses which console you want to play. You have to switch to the correct console in order to play the game. Do not be dumb like me, and assume something is wrong when you put in Super Mario World and forgot to place the switch from Genesis to SNES. There are two buttons, a power and reset. Very similar to the old consoles. I hooked it up via composite cable(no idea what S-cable is) and the games showed up bright and clear on my HDTV. First, checked out Genesis. All my Genesis games worked, as well as the controllers were active and immediate. No lag. Sonic 2 looks beautiful, BTW. Now on to SNES. All SNES games worked flawlessly, and no lag in the controllers. Now, as of now, I do not own any NES games, but I have borrowed a few. Super Mario Bros. worked, but Duck Hunt did not The gun, according to my research, does not work on an HDTV. Super Mario Bros. 3 worked, as did Duck Tales. So getting Duck Tales. I am unaware personally of what NES games don't work, but have heard Dragon Warrior and Castlevania 3 don't work. I have Castlevania 3 for my 3DS, but am a bit bummed about Dragon Warrior. Also, is it all Dragon Warrior games, or just the first one? I don't know. What I do know is that the vast majority of games do work, and it is nice having one console instead of three that take up space. The NES controllers are inserted on the left side, the SNES on the front and Genesis to the right. Two ports for each system, so you can do some retro multiplaying. Mario Kart anyone? I frickin adore this system, and will recommend it to all those old school gamers. Get it. It's cheap off Amazon and even cheaper on Ebay. It accepts 3rd party controllers. Yes, it doesn't accept all games, but it accepts almost all of them. And it uses composite cables or S-cable. Seriously, what are you waiting for? Go get it. Worth every penny.

Rate: 90/100


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