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Buying an used Mac Computer 2

Updated on November 19, 2013

Apple computers are not only fancy and nice looking laptops that most people would prefer. Apple hardware is far more durable and most likely to last longer than other laptops. For this reason, i think is very convenient to consider an used Apple laptop as an option.

The eBay experience

In December 2012 i wanted a white Macbook and saw a $445 dollars, 2GB ram, 220 HD 2010 model listing on eBay. The computer came with no box other than the Fedex shipping box. Came with a charger and a red case. Other than that, no relevant programs installed.

This is the first time an used computer i buy comes with no original packing, accessories, or with software like Microsoft office.

One more Advice

We have to be honest, some Macs have limited use in modern world and others have no real use at all. Some PowerPC processor macs have no chances beyond Mac OS X Leopard, an operating system that is getting odsolete. On the other side, PC computers are still capable of doing much more with Windows XP and are still used by some business.

Some Intel core Macs ((Like the 2007 models) are no longer upgradable to Mac OS X beyond Lion and can only be upgraded to 2GB maximun ram. Most 2008 models will not be compatible with the 2013 Mac OS X and will be stuck on Lion OS.

So my advice here is get a Laptop that can be upgraded to nothing less than 4GB, that runs on at least an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. You should also consider switching to a SSD drive rather than the traditional hard drive.


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