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The Boosted Board

Updated on April 29, 2016

Company history

The company was founded in 2011, Sunnyvale California, by three Stanford graduates: Sanjay Dastoor, Matthew Tran and John Ulmen. They started their Kickstarter in late 2012, it quickly garnered wide spread support, receiving over 450% of their goal. The kickstarter purported they had created the lightest electric vehicle in the world, weighing in at only 15 pounds. The media took great attention to their project at the 2013 CES, giving stellar first impressions of it. The company now has launched since its first board, other two models that are significantly cheaper. The rise of this company could also be due to the very extensive coverage on it by daily vlogger and youtuber Casey Neistat, who is seen riding a Boosted Board almost exclusively.

The board itself

The most powerful model, the Dual Plus, has a combined peak motor rating of 2000 watts. It has the ability to climb hills of up to 25% incline, has a top speed of 22 MPH, a total weight of just 15 pounds and a total range of 6 miles (10 KM). It charges 85% in 30 minutes, and 100% in 1 hour. It is a longboard, with a bamboo deck for improved flexibility, maneuverability and shock absorption. The company advertises it as a 'last mile vehicle', in other words the vehicle you use between public transportation and your final destination. Many people however, use it to commute and do errands in big cities like, for example, New York City. Compared to other electric skateboards on the market this one is definitely not cheap (1500$ for the top of the line) but it isn't the most expensive either. Because of the recent rise in demand, the price has temporarily not gone done, but it is simple economics (supply and demand) that tell us soon the price of electric skateboards will fall. Recently released Blink Board (from the makers of rocket skates) has proven that electric skateboards can be as little as 500$, which will put pressure on Boosted to keep their edge on the market.

Boosted Board



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