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MyPhone Cellphones Philippines

Updated on September 11, 2011


And so I'm using a my|phone cellphone right now, Q88 Duo model. I figured I should write about it and share to the world my thoughts regarding this local cellphone brand. It's usually argued that buying and using local brands is a good thing and I think it's great that this company here in the Philippines is producing our very own cellphone product. Although I don't think it could be as competitive with regards to features compared to international brands, I do think it's a great start and could eventually grow into a global company.

In this article, I'll be dealing with the different advantages and disadvantages of their product that I am currently using. Personally, the lack of features is really forcing me to believe that this is a very temporary phone for now that I am not yet able to generate as much income as I need to provide myself with the lavish gadgets that I desire. I used to have an iPhone (and have always believed in its superiority) but my carelessness is now punishing me to live without it.

It is quite funny that the name "MyPhone" is very much similar to iPhone and has somewhat the same meaning in regards with asserting ownership or individuality. Sadly, I have one of the lower end models of the MyPhone brands and can't really comment on their higher end models since I've never tried them. So this article will be limited only to a critique of the Q88 Duo alone and nothing more.

my|phone Q88 Duo (this is the phone that I'm using right now)
my|phone Q88 Duo (this is the phone that I'm using right now)

Advantages of the MyPhone Q88 Duo

Well, first of, it's a cellphone. A lot of people will actually be relieved that they'll finally have a way of contacting me aside from the internet (which I believe is more reliable especially as we progress and more and more places have wi-fi connections).

It has basic functions of calling and texting. It has bluetooth. You can put a Mini SD for storage. It has an mp3 player (which is a good thing because I also don't have a portable mp3 player and music is a very important part of my life). It has a seemingly long battery life. It has the "duo sim" feature where I can put another sim card (and I'm planning to do so very soon) so that I'll be able to use the competing features and services of the two telecom giants here in the Philippines. It has an internet browser and Facebook and Twitter apps so I can access social media and be connected online (I can just use the unlimited internet service for Globe prepaid if ever I'll go out and need to use the internet to update).

Being that it's a Filipino brand, it already has numbers of Jollibee, Shakey's, and other helpful numbers for deliveries, banks, government agencies, etc.

Basically, it's a decent phone with a very affordable price.

Disadvantages of the My|Phone Q88 Duo

The screen is too small and the resolution is bad. It doesn't have wi-fi. The camera is crappy and almost useless (they should have just not included it and made the phone even cheaper). It has a Friendster app (I really don't understand the purpose of this). It has this "pinoy widget" app thing that has really weird and limited offline features. It has a bunch of stuff that you can read like prayers or history stuff (the fact that it's offline and can't really get updated makes it so limited). I don't think it's possible to add any other new apps (it has MSN but I don't really use that).

I guess it'll have to do for now. Eventually my earnings from blogging will be sufficient. Hopefully my next payment gets bumped up even more.


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    • profile image

      LucyBenny123 3 years ago

      comparing to iPhone , My phone is best in price because i was using this.... and also felling like using iPhone

    • profile image

      iPhone Repair 3 years ago

      I heard that brand ''my phone'' ... it is similar like iPhone... but the specifications is different, but coming to price this is very cheaper than iPhone...

    • profile image

      lorerylai 6 years ago

      if your looking for a quality phone with Wifi some Myphone offers a WiFi at an affordable price check them out


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