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NASA Mattress Or Memory Mattress.

Updated on February 24, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

Memory Foam Mattress.

Where is the Pillow in the Mattress shown above.

We all sleep for 6 to 8 hours daily.A major portion of our time spent doing nothing productive except to make baby's and this also is not our main agenda of sleeping,it can be said that it is a future production by a bye product of our sleep.This is again not a life time action or production.We sleep all our life for 6 to 8 hours.The total number of hours spent on sleeping will add up to 6 digit figure if you take it as 80 years of life span.

We work for 8 hours till we retire,so 16 hours go leaving only 8 hours for our other activities if we are to consider that 8 hours as a time of zero productivity hour for the years that we work to retire.When we retire we sleep more so the hours of sleep in our life time is more than anything else that we do to help us or others.There may be exceptions to this way of saying on what goes on in our life.

Since sleep is a major activity for the body by nature as nature itself sleeps by switching off its light.We must say this is a must for our body.Some say 6 hours is all that the body needs and some even say it is less than 6 hours.We can still say the body has to shut shop for the day by zero activity externally.The body does not sleep but it works at a speed convenient to it.Any disturbance in this period is unhealthy or a sigh of ill health.

We have to sleep has no argument or is it debatable.We sleep.How do we sleep is a question that has a million answers.There is nothing like natural sleep.How many of us sleep naturally like a baby is another problematic point to people who do not sleep naturally.

When I was in USA I was told that the mattress over which I was going to sleep was NASA mattress and I was wondering why it was not available in my country.Mattress was once upon a time was the exclusive domination of the cotton which was my raw material in my profession.Naturally I wondered where on earth we can get this NASA technology to make the mattress for people to sleep.

I came to know there is no NASA mattress but a memory mattress was made and the manufacturers choose to give it a name as NASA mattress.

What is this memory mattress.?

The mattress that you sleep has to take your body heat and as long as we were using cotton it was fine.The introduction of Coir mattress,Spring Mattress and foam mattress was a welcome in the first time it came.The same is still in use and sold with fancy specifications.

The foam mattress took our body heat and it become harder and even broke in to pieces if the quality was inferior.

We now needed a foam that understood our body temperature and turned soft and took the shape of the body as well so that we do not suffer from back pain.

This was called as Memory Mattress* or NASA mattress.

Memory Mattress is technically called as viscoelastic memory foam.


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