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NET10 is still the least expensive and most dependable cell phone provider we have been able to find

Updated on November 23, 2012
NET10 Prepaid Cell Phone
NET10 Prepaid Cell Phone
NET10 300 Minute Card
NET10 300 Minute Card
NET10 LG 900
NET10 LG 900
NET10 LG 800
NET10 LG 800

Net10 is the least expensive and most dependable cell phone provider that we have been able to could come up with.

We are very conservative when it comes to spending money, so we are always on the lookout for good deals. In the nearly five years that we have been with NET10 no one has been able to come up with a plan that is better suited for us.

In addition to being the least expensive plan that we could find, our experience has been uniquely trouble free. No matter where we are, if there is a cell tower within sight we have coverage regardless of which company the tower belongs to. The ONLY time we have ever been in a dead-zone, that we were aware of, was way up in the North Carolina Mountains on a hiking trip. When we got back down to the parking lot we had coverage again.

My NET10 phone costs me $15.00 a month - period!

The minutes and days roll over every time I buy minutes. That's another thing I like about NET10, the number of minutes you have left and the date they expire shows up on the screen every time you turn it on. You know exactly what you have all the time so you don't wind up going over your minutes, or forget to update and lose your number, etc.

I usually buy the 60-Day 300-minute card at the neighborhood Walmart for $30.00 plus tax. Some people wouldn’t be happy with 150 minutes a month, but it is actually more than I normally use. When I looked at my phone this morning, I had almost two months and 1251 minutes available.

I have been using NET10 for several years. I have paid by buying a prepaid phone card, by using their web site and by phone. In each case I have never had a bad experience.

I was able to import my old cell phone number from when I used SunCom. The biggest problem I had with SunCom was that the minutes didn’t roll over and the local customer service was not up to par.

The one time I did have a problem NET10 took care of it right away. I had been with them for just a couple of months. I put the cell phone on the charger and it made a strange noise and then showed that I was out of minutes. I had looked at it just a few moments before I put it on the charger and had noticed that I had about 425 unused minutes.

I called customer service and explained what had happened; that the minutes basically just disappeared. The NET10 customer service agent asked me what I wanted to do. I told her that I would be happy if she could find some way to restore at least 400 minutes. She said “sure” and within three or four seconds 400 minutes and the correct amount of days-left showed up on my phone.

As far as the Motorola V176 phone that I received from them, I dropped it in the Catawba River near Charlotte, North Carolina and it came back up after I dried it out. Here's the link to the HubPages article I wrote that tells how to dry it out safely

I am now using the NET10 LG800G phone and my wife is using the NET10 LG900G.

Here is the NET10 web page if you are interested in checking it out.


If you would like to only pay $8.25 a month for your home phone using VOIP

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    • judydianne profile image

      judydianne 8 years ago from Palm Harbor, FL

      Thank you for this hub. I am looking for a way to reduce my cell phone bill.