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NFC , another necessity technology

Updated on September 2, 2012
NFC unlocking
NFC unlocking
Software for NFC development
Software for NFC development

After a long time I came back here to read and write about something new. This time I'm going to write something, about a new valuable technology mainly important for the commercial world. It was patented in year 1983 with the abbreviation of RF-ID (Radio Frequency IDentification technology). But this has recently became a newly added feature for mobile devices with its 'tags' feature. But I can't say Radio frequency and its Identification technology is not a recently introduced one because we had cordless telephones and Identity tags for the clothes in the shops since long back before the millennium. However, with the further development of this RFID abbreviation recently NFC has become an all new feature for mobile devices.

NFC, Near Field Communication is a modern inventory which can be used for communicate in a smarter way. I'm pretty sure that this will become a great media for advertising industry in the near future. After well-known Bluetooth technology we couldn't find any low power consuming data transferring technology other than high power consuming WiFi or extraordinary Wimax. NFC ignores all troublesome stuffs like device pairing in Bluetooth and network configuration in WiFi.

NFC uses an ISO network standard not like IEEE 802 type standard in Bluetooth. NFC uses a tag based user interface and it's very useful for security key protection systems as well as tracking objects and mainly people. Matching keys and passwords with NFC is very easy task and its secure because of it's very short transmission range, Therefore, NFC-based bank transactions also will get more secure. Easy instant payments and it will be handy when you do your payments without touching money and just using your smart handset, same as in your credit card or debit card. With this technology you can pay for items just by waving your phone over the NFC capable devices.

For the business world this will be very handy feature because this can be use to exchange marketing information and rates share schedules, maps, business card and coupon delivery. With RF-ID based smart-stickers you can simply put like on Facebook and follow on Twitter. Social network interference is very good added advantaged for the young people. Also this can be use for photo and interface sharing features. It will get handy if your smart phone get a theme and a wallpaper of superman when you pass the cinema.

This advanced option is available in latest smart phones and this will become a precondition for mobile devices in the near future. First Android NFC enabled device was Samsung Google Nexus S which was announced in year 2010. In year 2011 it was added to Nokia's Symbian mobile OS Anna version. All new NFC tags feature available in Sony Xperia P android smartphone which was announced in last February.

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