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Internet "Boon" and "Threat"

Updated on March 14, 2015

Have anyone of you ever thought your life without internet? Be it a teenager or a grownup, today our life is completely depended on internet. We never realize what would happen if the word “internet” is taken out of our lives. The moment you wake up in the morning till you go to bed at night you stay connected with it. Have you realized that it had become a part of your life, and that all of us have one common addiction called “internet”? Internet has put whole globe together. It has lessened the distance between states, countries, continents, etc. making us all believe that we are just one click away from each other.

Internet is a worldwide network that connects millions of computers forming a network in which any computer can connect with any other computer as long as they are both connected to the internet. There are millons of internet users worldwide. Today's internet users represents 40 percent of the worlds population. Internet has changed the computers and communications of world incredibly.

The moment you wake up you are busy updating status on social networking sites. From waking up to eating lunch, hanging up with friends, traveling etc. whatever you do, it is open to world. Say if you are tired or hungry, or you feel sick or have a headache, you are listening to music or reading a book, anything you do, just one click, and your friends knows about it. Thanks to internet! It has become an important part of life. People from every age group are depended on internet. It is like having answers to all your questions. You have one doubt and just type it down and get your doubt cleared right away. It had helped incredibly to spread information. It has become one of the popular platforms for promotions, endorsements, marketing etc. Internet has made education very easy and convenient.

Whether you are a working woman or a housewife, you have to admit that you are depended on internet. Whether you have work related issues or you want to learn a new recipe, all you have to do is surf the net and you have all that you want. You get a great deal of knowledge from it, anytime, anywhere. From knowledge to entertainment, you name it, and you have it.

Advantages of internet: Internet opens a wonderful opportunity for students to explore the ocean of information that enhances their learning. It easily makes it possible to do research, prepare projects and do other million works professionaly. It gives us the amazing opportunity to aquire huge knowlwdge. It provides opportunity to broaden our communications and deepen relationships. We can stay connected with our families and friends from all across the world through different chatrooms and messaging tools that allows us to share photos and videos etc. with our closed ones. We can make friends from all over the world and learn different culture even without visiting that place. If you are looking for fun and entertainment, then internet has a lot to give you. You can keep your children busy with the number of games online. Movies, musics, audio,videos etc. you can download or watch all your favorite things on the internet. If you are a busy working person and don’t have time to go shopping, no worries at all. It’s comfortable to get what you want sitting at your home or office, just order it and wait for it to get delivered. Truly internet has become the best buddy of a man.

As we know that no rose is bloomed without thorns, despite of number of opportunities and advantages that internet provides us, it is sad to say that there are also some disadvantages of internet.

Disadvantages of Internet: It can cause harm to the economic fields. Sudden unexpected change in a computer program can cause a bank tremendous loss. You can lose all your datas and information within no time if virus attacks your computer. Cyber crimes nowadays are not rare. Despite of all the security settings, your accounts are not highly protected. There are numerous cases of accounts being hacked. People can very smoothly download and share illegal pirated files such as movies, music etc. Moreover, one can easily download the photos and videos that you have shared on your social networking sites and misuse it.

Like we know, there is a good and a bad side to everything. We socialize more on the internet than in person. Today, we type more than we talk. Humans founded internet and internet got us all humans to become its slave. We can live without food for a day but can’t think of day without internet. But you cannot deny the fact that it probably is the best invention so far and that it's a major source of information.

All we have to do is make correct use of internet and not let ourselves get trapped in it. After all, when you look up from your computer screen, you will notice that there is also a world outside internet.

It is a boon to a modern world and us that we get to live in a world with internet. Just "be safe and be wise".

Happy Surfing..


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