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Now You Can Improve Ranking of Your Youtube Video

Updated on November 6, 2014

Let's we start

YouTube is by far the most popular video sharing site in the world. You can become very popular in few days with your YouTube video. This article will guide you on how you can bring your YouTube video on the first page of YouTube search results. From this article you will know about the YouTube Search Engine Optimization too.

Just follow these simple steps to boost the ranking of your YouTube videos regardless of keywords. It will be very easy for many people because they all of them having problem due to keywords. If they know this technique due to my article so they will enjoy to earn more and more money using YouTube video ads. Yea of course you also earn money recording your own interesting videos. If you want to earn so follow my this article and do what i am guiding you.

Upload your new Video

Select the method how you will get your video. You have 3 options to choose from. One is to create a new video, second is to re upload the old video or final option is to download from internet. Keep in mind that this method only work for newly uploaded videos so you have to delete your already uploaded videos for this to work.

And i want to suggest you one thing, record your own videos about what you want share. And then use video graphic software to edit your videos and then tag them to your name or your YouTube's channel too. From this it will be proved that it's your own recorded videos.

upload Video

YouTube video upload
YouTube video upload

Setting Video privacy

The next step is to change the privacy settings of your YouTube video to "unlisted". But i tell you one thing, do it very carefully because if you did it wrong and not about my guided way. So your all efforts will be useless. So now give suitable title, description and tag to your video. Take full advantage of Search engine optimization techniques to give boost to the ranking of your video.

The title of your video should be related to your video, and in description you should use what you are going to share through your video. It will give your visitors to easy know and understand about your video before they watch. Because sometimes it happened we search some tutorials but when we open the video so they are fully changed and different from their title. So we do negative comments on this video. From which your ranking will be down.

Video settings

YouTube Video Privacy Settings
YouTube Video Privacy Settings

Title of your newly uploaded video

The title of the video is what turns things around for you. An attractive title will automatically translate into more views. A viewer will make up his mind just by reading the title of the video whether to view it or not.

The title work like to plane to hunt something. And in Google search engine your video's title will be searched first. I mean that your video name plays a vital role during the searching. It works like this, we want to go somewhere and we don't know about it. For example we want to go to a doctor for treatment, but we can't decide which doctor is good. so we ask our friends and neighbors to help us. And when many people tell us about one doctor so we get that doctor in our mind. Like this, when many people will visit your video and do comments, but their comments should be positive so your video will be on top.

YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO Settings
YouTube SEO Settings

Keywords and description

Keywords can play a key role along with description and meta tags. Keywords and the first words of your description should be different and should never match. Also make sure that tags and keywords are different from each other. Take care of these small things and see the difference yourself.

During the web crawling the keywords help to search the specific data or things on internet using Search Engines. And the keywords should be according to your video. I mean that the keywords are not change or something else. These are those words which you already used in your YouTube video title and description. So just check those specific and unique words and write them in tags. It will help your users to search and visit your Channel and videos.

Result of your Hardworking

Social Media

Use the popularity of social media to increase the viewership of your YouTube video.Share your Youtube video on different social media sites such as Facebook,Twitter etc. Share it on pages with maximum likes and ask your friends to share the video in your friends circle. This is how your video can go viral.

The social media websites are playing a vital role to share your YouTube video links to your friends. And then your ask your friends to share your link to their friends and they will ask their friends. Like this it will be visited to thousands of people in a day. And it will be amazing thing for you, when you see your viewers when they become in a big number about which you never thought in your dreams.

Buy Views

Spending less than 5 dollars on your YouTube video is not a bad deal if you can get ten thousands hits for that on your YouTube videos. This will provide your YouTube video with a much needed initial boost that can help it to make it big.


Another handy tip that can bring more viewers to your videos is to write a comment and wait for the response. People like to comment on videos and you can take advantage of it. In your comment you should say something good about your video. The comment is the way to increase viewers on your YouTube channel.

Now change the privacy settings of your YouTube video from unlisted to public after 30 minutes. See the difference yourself. It will be a surprise for you to see the visited and comments on your videos. So let me know how much you.

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