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NameSilo Review

Updated on April 21, 2012

NameSilo is the Best Domain Registrar IMHO

NameSilo - Clean Interface, Lowest Cost, Free Privacy Protection
NameSilo - Clean Interface, Lowest Cost, Free Privacy Protection

Which Domain Registrar is the Best?

That's a question that was recently answered by a survey taken by Domain Name Wire an industry source.

The criteria was to ask not the every day user but Professional Domainers - people and companies that purchase large blocks of domains in bulk.

411 people who own a portfolio of 500 or more domains answered this particular question.

While I'm not sure you can consider any Poll of this type scientific it does represent an excess of 200,000 domains registered. To add perspective to these numbers GoDaddy is the largest registrar with an excess of 35 million domains. I personally use GoDaddy among others and can attest to a large number of reasons why they work for me:

  1. Telephone Technical Support included in the cost of registration
  2. The most complete interface and options
  3. Rock Solid Privacy Protection (You do pay extra for it)
  4. Easy transfers when you sell your domain, and GoDaddy Auctions works

There are a lot of Domain Registrars that do not offer Telephone Support. How do you get your business back online in the event of a crisis? During Hurricane Katrina a Domain Registrar I was using was offline for a full week! I lost a full weeks worth of revenue on the sites I had listed with them. OUCH! It was a big chunk of money. Nothing I could do as it was an act of God. Lesson Learned - Do not do business with companies in high risk areas. New Orleans is high risk, Florida is High Risk. Acts of God can happen anywhere at any time, but whatever happens in Phoenix (GoDaddy's home and also NameSILO's home) is probably of lower risk. Big companies have backup generators, but in this case it didn't matter.

Top Domain Registrars from the Domain Name Wire Poll

1. GoDaddy 43%
2. NameSilo 35%
3. Dynadot 9%
4. Moniker 7%
5. Fabulous 6%

Notice NameSILO is not to be confused with NameCheap which are different entities.

Why use NameSilo?

  1. Lowest Prices by far - usually $3-$4 cheaper than the other inexpensive options and that includes renewal rates.
  2. Simple transfers - I couldn't believe just how easy it was to transfer to NameSilo
  3. Free Privacy Protection is included with the cost of registration INCLUDING Renewals
  4. No up sell tricks or games - straight forward pricing
  5. Simple, fast, easy to use Interface

So if you worry about your business and want a rock solid reliable Registrar with every available option choose GoDaddy. If you want a simple easy to use interface, solid support, and rock bottom prices with free Privacy choose NameSilo.

Why was NameCheap Excluded from the Poll

NameCheap was not excluded, they just are not a top choice by the poll participants. NameCheap really isn't a Registrar at all - they are just a Reseller. The actual Registrar if you sign up at NameCheap is Enom. Why do business with a Reseller when you can go direct to the Real Registrar? Some might say support... but in my experience both GoDaddy and NameSilo offer superior support. If you choose NameCheap you end up paying a lot more for a lot less.

NameCheap doesn't have free telephone support, in fact they have no telephone support at all. I couldn't even find a telephone number of any kind associated with the company at all. Not only that I couldn't find a verifiable business address. I can't afford to have my business in the hands of people I can't contact. Too much risk. Sketchy operation in my opinion.

So there you have it. Choose GoDaddy or NameSILO and you won't have to worry about that part of your business.

Side Note: GoDaddy will try to sell you a bunch of services you do NOT need. It's like extended warranty, you pay a lot for little in return. And it can be very frustrating for new users not familiar with the GoDaddy interface, but this doesn't not take away from the fact they are a good place to Register your Portfolio.

About this Review

I own a lot of Web Properties - many in excess of 10 years old. I have used a lot of different Registrars over the years and base my review on my own experience and dealings with different companies. While you can probably find something good or bad about any company the Poll results of the large experienced Domain Portfolio owners align nicely with my own experiences. There really is no reason to use anyone other than GoDaddy or NameSilo in the year 2012.


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