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Nandan Nilekani - Our Prime Minister's Lap Top Computer.

Updated on February 18, 2013
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A qualified Textile Post Diploma Graduate and Ex.M D of a Textile Mill.

From Infosys - Mr.Nandan Nilekani.

Mrs.Nandan Nilekani - Chairperson - Akshra Foundation.

Bigger Tag

There is more work for the man who works and they keep another man in the same place where Mr.N.N has to work.He is by name Mr.Sam Pitroda supposed to be a IT Brain,who supports a fancy beard so that he can spend his time on trimming the beard rather than doing something which he has to do.He is not the only person of course in the bureaucracy of our country who keep their bosses in good humor by writing their speeches.How else they can speak after they occupy seats as Cabinet Ministers who swallow tax payers money in millions.Mr.Nandan Nilekani does not draw any salary as Cabinet Minister.The Chairperson of UID.

The new Tag is bigger as they say but for a intellectual giant nothing is bigger,he can even run the country better than the present people in power by the grace of Her Majesty sitting behind a curtain.These 5 star ministers are billionaires but they are money eaters.If only our Prime Ministers can make up his mind to appoint more such people to take care of our bureaucrats to such offices as Independent Evaluation Office a name created to over rule political or public intervention our country can make it to the spot where we think is the first place and second to none.

The Finance Minister has seen Mr.Nandan Nilekani's jet speed work on UID project with a budget which never bothered Mr.N N and has raised the same to Rs.1,900 crore for the year 2010 & 2011.The powerful and stifling bureaucracy has perhaps taken a back seat by this since there may not be any bureaucrat working under Mr.N.Nilekani a technocrat.

Mr.Nilekani will look after technological and systemic issues relating to IT projects - Tax Information Network,New Pension Scheme,National Treasury Management Agency,Expenditure Information Network,Goods and Services Tax all in a mess and rolling out at the same time.

Better late than NEVER.


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