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Necessary Electrical Systems in Building Service

Updated on June 13, 2011

There are so many different types of alarms and clock systems are use in various premises. These systems may be battery operated or power operated. This system is long run by using wire or sensor system. In wire system it will energized by use of relay operation coil. The system which use in domestic oar building can classify as bellow.

Fire Alarm System:

Fire Alarm System is one of important indicator and protection method in building service. Normally fire alarm system use low voltages such as main voltage or 12v, 24v dc supply. There are some switch and button to press when there are fire. Normally this alarm can be silenced by pressing button.

Bugler Alarm System:

Bugler alarm systems are use in domestic premises as well as commercial premises. Normally operation of this system is much same as fire alarm system. There might have some auxiliary alarm which operated by main alarm.

Electrical Clock System:

In most commercial premises electrical clock system are use for show the time and for alarm which is associated to indicate lunch time and off time. In this system there are master clock in associate to all other clocks. The master clock transmit signal to all other clock to maintain same time.

Smoke Density Indication

There are some light beams which project across a stack and when the smoke occurs there will be some smoke density which occurs and that will sense and make sound in buzzer.



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