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Need a new ringtone - funny and indian tones

Updated on March 2, 2013

Sometime the funniest ringtones are those of animals

Or even a vuvuzela ringtone.

So you've got your new Blackberry or Apple iPhone and need the latest or hipest ringtone.Maybe it's a mosquito ringtone or new ringtones for nextel or tracfone.

Most cellular phones on the market nowadays are limited in terms of their ringtone offerings which is not entirely a bad thing if you think about it.

Consider the fact that we are fortunate enough to have the cellular companies provide us with a couple of options at least to allow us to customise our cellphones. Wouldn't it just be upsetting if you purchased your newest technology only to find that the service provider and cellphone manufacturers had decided to buy the ringtone software companies and that you could only buy a ringtone from the software company. Sheer and utter disappointment I got to say.

Hopefully the days of the ringtone monopoly being crafted by the cellphone companies is in the distant future and stays that way.

Some of the most popular ringtones are those of animals and funny noises

The funny ringtones may be of natural sounds that we encounter in everyday life such as hooters, racing cars zooming past or even a dog growling. These humorous and funny ringtones or fun for placing your phone on weekend or party mode.

Text messages usually have their own ringtone and can be quite hilarious when unexpectedly receiving a text message during an important meeting.

The mosquito ringtone and the frog croaking seem to be the most popular at the moment. Celebrity ringtones are not as popular as celebrity voice messages are for the unanswered calls and it is definitely a classic for friends and family. Can you imagine a voice message from your favorite celebrity saying that you are not available.Quite a hoot.

Are you looking for a celebrity ringtone, an animal ringtone or a funny ringtone to reduce your friends to histerical laughter.

Perhaps you would like to try a few of these sites to get the latest ringtones and celebrity voice mail messages.


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